Family Guy drinking game (look it up)
21's basically sit in a circle and each person can say up to 3 numbers.
i.e Person 1. 1,2,3
Person 2. 4
Person 3. 5,6 etc etc
The person who gets 21 has to make up a new rule for the game.

Couples. You have to drink what your "partner" is drinking all night.
3 legs. You have to be tied to your partner all night and go everywhere they go. Yes, even to the toilet.
CoD4 drinking game. We always used to play with 4 people split screen. Everytime you get shot and die 1 mouthful/finger. Grenade kill = 2 fingers, Claymore = 2 fingers, C4 = 3 fingers, Knife = 5 fingers. Winner gets to nominate someone to finish their drink/ down a whole new drink.
Happy belated birthday brah.
Drink some Ipecac. I hear that stuff is pretty wicked.
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i was replying to a guy who said that work exp doesnt really count as anything

It doesn't mean jack man, sorry to break it to you but it doesn't. I did work experience in a school, doesn't mean they're going to let me be a teacher straight away.

If you want proper experience at working then you just have to apply for anything and everything that comes up, and hope you get the job. Having a decent CV helps as well.

Also to whoever made the point about employers wanting people with experience for jobs, yeah I completely agree. It's like the whole jobs which need an NVQ you have to be in social work to get an NVQ but then you can't get a social work job unless you have an NVQ and they won't even consider training you for one. It's vicious really.
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Sadly I have never played a Shining Force game but they were all the rage back in the Sega days.

Haha ahh man you have to play them just for some of the stuff they come out with. Stuck at the moment. I have to fight this giant Kraken type creature and I don't think any of my team are levelled up enough because they do like 4-8 damage each hit, and this thing does 20 per hit.

never played 5 but i heard it was bad, but modern warfare 2 might be just as great as CoD4. i'm excited!!

I'm playing through CoD W@W at the moment and it's an ok campaign. Nowhere as good as MW. But still enjoyable. ie. the Tank Mission. However, Nazi Zombies are still the best part of the game.

It's so close for MW2 now. I'm so excited. I hope play ship my copy first as I pre-ordered it as soon as it was even up on play.
So I was playing Shining Force 2 today. Some of the lines that game comes out with are pure comedy.

*Soldiers fall down massive chasm which has opened up*
Sir Astral (who looks remarkably like Gandalf.) - "Well... that's just too cruel"
Eagles - Hotel California/ Take it Easy/ Desperado
James Blunt
ZZ Top- Gimme all Your Loving/ Tush/ Cheap Sunglasses
Fleetwood Mac - The Chain/ Don't Stop/ Dreams/ Go Your Own Way
Dire Straits - Sultans of Swing/ Money for Nothing
Rage Against the Machine - Killing in the Name

Stop trolling.
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]Silly meme

*sighs* reported your ass.

But yeah hope your ok TS. Sounds scary stuff.
The guitarists that make these kinds of threads just to bitch about other guitarists.

Seriously, I hate these kinds of threads. You realise how the lot of you sound like little whiny girls?
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Man that looks absolutely dire. Reminds me of the old F1 games for the ps1
So I saved up all my monies, when I saw this Fender P-Bass for sale for £195. Then my parents went and bought it for me for my b-day haha

There she is with my other bass.
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Oh! matt169, I thought she said matt 168! lolololol My present is in my car... I'll brb.

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Ok, fine orgy! Is that ok with you matt?



At Corey's Monster
That has actually made my night. I'm laughing so hard.
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No seriously, back off. What have you got planned for the party?

Good sir. I do not believe I will. *gloveslap* A duel!

Haha off to Playzone in Swansea for a couple of hours. Because I'm a huge child. Then off out into Swansea until about 4am hopefully. Haha
Hahaha thanks guys. Especially for the man thong. I will be wearing that tomorrow night.

I mean what?

Also ^^ Lulz. :p I just love her. I don't want no wife from her. I don't have the correct appendage D:

Saw this on the news, and I thought it was fairly cool.
Hahaha thanks guys.
<3 Melody. Haha.
The first half of Condemned 2. Also Condemned 1. I shat huge almighty bricks.

Those clowns and baby things still haunt me. *rocks*
That's hardly a "skimpy picture". Everything is so over-exaggerated these days.
On ps3 I came across "your_granny", it made me sad when him/her killed me on COD4

"You were killed by your_granny"
Haha yeeah, well I'm only 20. 21 this week. But in the Uk you can join from when you're 18. But it's so hard to get into these days. You've got to go through so many hoops to get in there. Quite glad in some ways I fell at this one. Means I can go and get more experience with life and re-apply a couple of years down the line maybe.
Ahh road rage. I've had way too many incidents. Not that I have a problem or anything.

Once I had just come off this roundabout which goes onto a dual carriageway and this bus was in the inside lane so I was passing him and this guy in a Scenic is right up my chuff. So I'm there tootling along at 60mph passing this bus and this guy is all up my back end flashing his lights and beeping. So I got past the bus pulled in to let him pass he pulled up next to me, like driving alongside me and flipped me the bird. So I sort of shrugged and gave him the finger. So he pulled in in front of me. Slowed right down. Tried to force me to pull over into a lay-by. He pulled in I started to follow him in, waited till he got out and drove off with my hand out the window and my finger up at him. Not really my road rage. But y'know. There have been many occaisions. It's usually me calling people rude words for not indicating etc etc.
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Well i plan on becoming a cop. So yeah, i do.

Kudos man.

I had my letter back from the Specials today. Didn't get in
They wanted a score of A/B on the competency assessment and I only got a C/D. Sucks but I guess they want a certain kind of person for the job.
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why is that a ban?

Did you even read the rules?
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I like the part when the guy is all like "Ahhhhh" and the girl is all like "eeeeeeeeeeeee!" and the alien is all like...

"Zeep, zorp. Beep bop, scoobidy bop!"

What the **** man!?! I mean seriously!
How the hell do you expect me to sleep tonight now?

I want to see this film... more out of curiosity than anything else.
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Something tells me they made that account just to post that.


I haz a punk duck!
^^ Have fun with your ban.
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It takes a certain kind of asshole to be a cop. They really are the scum of the earth. I've never in my lifetime come across a cop that i didnt hate.

Shut up with your dumbass comments.

All the ones I've met are always tidy, even took me for a drive in their BMW M5 . Mind I'm usually the one on the "good" side to be fair. As they're always at my shop after someone has stolen some drink/ threatened to kick my head in for ID'ing them.
No. We just hate you TS.
You have a problem with your penis. I'd advise going to see a doctor.
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Early in the morning - B.B. King

What's that on your face?

A Fortune in Lies - Dream Theater
It isn't true to all of you who are "sad" It's just a troll which you've all fallen for.

In respect of such things.
Pretty lame actually. 6 hours a week in an off-licence. Was hoping to get a job working with disabled kids which I absolutely adored doing. But to cut an extremely long story short I got f*cked over by the woman who runs the scheme. So that's off the cards for the time being.
Otherwise it's still crap, hardly any jobs going. The ones that do come up have ridiculous amounts of people apply for them and I refuse to go on the dole.