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No. You shouldn't. Just because it's hard to find a job doesn't mean you should resort to selling drugs to kids. What you should do however, is get your arse off the seat you're sitting on and go and find a job. That could possibly be much more constructive.
Psssssshhht! Go as THIS Captain Morgan ...
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Optus, 3 (my gf has Mobile Broadband, which may not be an option for you, depending where you live, but they've been pretty good with all of the customer stuff she had to deal with. That's just a shorthand, if I remember anything when I return in half an hour or so, I'll post it too.

Don't go with 3. They have **** customer service. I'm speaking from my whole year of having to deal with them and it's been absolutely dire.
Sitting in my mates Uni room in Aberystwyth ridiculously hungover. Thinking I shouldn't ever drink again.
I just finished putting together 2 CD's containing Spock's Beard for the car. Now I'm looking at Angel Eye headlights for my car.
Soon I will be sleeping.
I have to wait till tomorrow to see it But it's bound to epic whatever.
Black Clouds and Silver Linings - Dream Theater
Black Sails at Midnight - Alestorm
Chickenfoot - Chickenfoot
Fightstar - Be Human
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You'll be the first kind of person to get pissed when a telemarketer calls you.

The only people who ever prank-called anyone in my school were the shitty little chav scrubs.

Such a pathetic thing to do.

Chill pill... take one.
Why do people do that? Type it probably belongs in the relationship thread. But I'll make a new one anyway. -_-
Or TS you could delete it and take your question there.
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God that was a hilarious episode.
"In japan, a simple photograph of the number plate isn't enough. They also have to have a photograph of the face, they have to know who was driving it. So what i've done is i've made this!"
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Go jump off a building.

Brilliant mate. I laughed hard.
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No wonder i Cant stand Canadians. Or Sum 41.

I think you be trollin...
My copy of WET came today It's so far been pretty damn fun. Dismembering people while flying through the air.

Only disappointing thing is you can't switch between sword and guns while in mid air Which would have been cool. Although the split targetting is pretty good.
Not enough moments to use Rage mode though. It's automatic at certain points and I've only had it twice. They should have put in a bar which once you fill you can use your rage mode. Otherwise a damn fun game
It's hilarious hearing all the crazy asians saying "It your bad day!" and "You're tho ****ing dead"
Big date tomorrow. D:
Going to the cinema and possibly drinks after. Wish me luck.
Might have a virus. Do a scan
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Oh god... So many bad pear puns in that article

It's the Mail what do you expect!? Haha
Haha but it has a little mouth. If you look closely
Ahh yeah I read about this in the paper yesterday. I laughed.
A Porsche.
Images & Words - Dream Theater
Black Clouds & Silver Linings - Dream Theater
Start Something - Lostprophets
Rage Against the Machine - Rage Against the Machine
Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence - Dream Theater
Century Child - Nightwish
All Killer No Filler - Sum 41
Does this Look Infected - Sum 41
No you're a freak. No-one likes you.

Audioslave - Doesn't Remind Me
Meh, I'm not fussed on the symphonies to be honest. Also not fussed on Undiscloed Desires. However the rest of the album is pretty good.
MK Ultra <3
Get some orange/ blackcurrant/ flavour of your choice squash. Add boiling water to some in a mug.
Helps like a treat
Lawl at all the 09'ers trying to be hardcore by flaming him xD
Dude it was an alright cover. Work on your tone a bit more though.
Lots of Orange juice and multivitamins.
It's fine for me and one person. The others it dislikes.
Got my first date since last year on Thursday! Wish me luck.
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oh noes! somebody put something off-topic in the off-topic section of the forums

... oh wait

This isn't even off topic. This is just stupid.
You could put some spam in it. Like this thread.
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Leave Kanye Alone! Hes Only The Voice Of A Mother****ing Generation!

What? No.
You've been with her a week... you don't need to make a huge effort.
Get her a necklace or a bracelet or something.
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while she was with him, she gave him a handjob hoping it would win him over (which is something VERY uncharacteristic of this girl).
TL;DR: One of my "friends" used one of my female friends who really liked him for sex

Handjobs =/= Sex
I'm assuming you're a troll, as you've made a similar thread before.
Now by the powers vested in me... gtfo *reported*
No, it's all a lie. It's why I'm determined to watch this Derren Brown thing and prove him wrong >_>