Sheep. Hands down. They **** on themselves. Enough said really.
Mine punched a baby.... repeatedly
"I know a song that will get on your nerves, get on your nerves, get on your nerves.
I know a song that will get on your nerves, get on your nerves, get on your nerves. And it goes like this..."
I don't understand.
Wrong thread.
Hahaha that was actually win.
I dunno. Personally, I didn't like 4 at all. I thought there were far too many cutscenes. Also, I don't know. I think the game just wasn't up to the standard of previous Metal Gear games.

In my humble opinion MGS3 is the absolute boy. It was perfect.
Really??? I thought they'd bought the searchbar for the other threads on this. >.>
EDIT: Goddamn you ctb.

From my trip up to Newtown to visit my mate Jade.
No. Do your own damn homework.
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My mother can't afford to give me £30 a week. The people who don't get it have parents who can.

The majority of people who complain about it are pissed off purely because they don't get it.

Fuck off and grow up. Not everyone has life handed to them on a silver spoon.

My parents were £1,000 above the threshold for getting it. They couldn't afford to give me £30 a week with £150 bonuses everynow and again. The whole system of it doesn't work. Stop generalising everyone who doesn't get it as someone with a silver spoon up their ass.

However, the threshold was always before tax. Yet you don't actually get that money which is taxed from you. So why should it be counted. Yes, I understand it goes to the NHS and all that. But my point is still valid.
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It's not exclusive to playstation though?

Dammit. The internet lied to me again.
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Hmm what exclusives does the ps3 have... little big planet? killzone? oh yeah I'm just dying to go play those games (/sarcasm)

Little Big Planet is well worth playing. Killzone 2 was an epic game. Single player, online was fairly meh.

But where was I...
Gran Turismo 5. Only the best driving simulator possible. *cough*
Metal Gear Solid 4. Albeit myself finding it a disappointment. Still an exclusive, and the 5th one is rumoured to be an exclusive also.
Resistance: FOM 1,2, Resistance: Rise of Man has been confirmed.
Killzone 3 is already confirmed.
Tekken 6
The Getaway
Final Fantasy XIII Versus.
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I was totally thinking this when I read the title.
Good sir you have delivered me my lulz for the day.
Metal Gear Solid 3. When you kill Boss, it made me sad, and when "Eve" is explaining all about it.
My god. Stop trolling. No-one gives a rats ass.
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i do believe he realises that he was doing something illegal and he accepts that but i think he means hes outraged by what level they took it to.

It's ok. Next time they'll send him an angry letter. Telling him how angry they are that he's using an illegal drug. Then if that doesn't work they'll come knock politely on his door and explain that he's been a naughty boy.
English Language. Use it.
Yeah, you should probably talk to her lay some ground work or something.
If that fails speak to your Dad about how you feel.

But "legally" she has no ruling over you, as an elder you could say out of respect she does. But by the legal system she doesn't.

But yeah.
That is fairly cool actually. Might try check it out.
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Cops are typically assholes and the world just has to live with it I'm afraid.

It's statements like this that wind me up. You'd be crying if someone mugged and raped you and there were no police to sort it out. My same point goes to you macaroni.

Also, I think you'll find guys that weed is now a Class B drug. Along with Amphetamines etc etc. Which for possesion is up to 5 years in prison. TS was breaking the law. TS has to deal with the consequences. It may sound harsh but it's true.

Quote by original=punk
Right, cause the police never finger innocent people.

EDIT: It's a conspiracy!!!!!
Obvious Troll is obvious.
"I told her she could go **** herself."
Ahh too many stories. The smelly people.
The people who look confused when you ask them for ID.
The people who yell at me and give me grief when I ask for ID.
The people who try to assure me that they are of a certain age despite them not having ID.
The people who give me abuse because they are drunk and I refuse to serve them anymore alcohol.

Oh the names I've been called.
Henry Rollins. He will reply. He replied to me.
Go to a doctor. You'll get real answers dumbass.
Not much unless you can prove it's their signatures with that little slip of paper that says so.
Fender P-Bass '72 Re-issue. It's too expensive.
I requested a weekend off for holidays, to go to a festival up in Aberystwyth. My manager went sick with Swine Flu. The assistant manager went and changed all the shifts around put me down to work that weekend. I was not impressed.
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I suggest you make an mp3 as example, so we can judge it

I think he sounds half German/half English

This idea is good. I approve.
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I'm curious now. How precisely would one sound 'folky' at climax? I didn't think I moaned like an accordian...

Hell I don't know. I was hoping someone would run with it.

Maybe you sound like an acoustic guitar though.
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Only wanted to eat my cookies

Sounds folkie at climax.
No. It really wasn't. Go away.
TS is actually a girl who wants extra vibrations per minute.
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Aenema by Tool


But good choice.

Uhhm... probably Fat Lip going into Pain for Pleasure.
Ha classic says Blayney
FOTB for you mon amigo.