A female/ male escort. Have that night of wild sex you've always wanted.
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Troll Trollington?!

Your sig forced me to do it.

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Why don't you spend your money on something cool and useful like a guitar, basses can only make really low sounds and I've never heard a solo on one. Basically all they are for is playing root notes if you ask me.

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Just be careful. Some rabbits are dangerous when approached.


Have fun with your ban.
Why do you "need" a new bass? Buy a new amp.
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Actually, it is.

But yes. Typing properly for the benefit of everyone doesn't cost anything.
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this looks fun y report douche?

It wasn't fun the first time, why would it be fun with smaller images.

EDIT: Lrn2grammar
You made a new thread.... over pic sizes.


.... .... *reported*
Youtube thread. *reported*

Denise Richards, Hayden Panettiere, Olivia Wilde and Avril Lavigne.
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Mmmm Cristina Ricci.
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But I need to know.

Ah found some :p well 2
I call shenanigans with this thread. >.>
Obvious Troll is obvious.

Either that or schoolboy error son.
Met Richard Ashcroft, he was a legend. Really funny guy.
Met KT Tunstall at Glastonbury last year.
Met the Kings of Leon, Fratellis and Kasabian.
Sucks to be you. Basically.

I've been single for well over a year now. It's no big deal.
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The pics were of naked men.....

BS. TS is obvious troll.

Stop feeding the troll. *reported*
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I still watch Looney Toons if I happen to turn my TV on at the right time

Hell yes brotha
Wile Coyote & Roadrunner for the win.
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I think iTunes has a bunch of old Looney Toons episodes (for free), and most of them are labeled EXPLICIT because of violence or objectionable content.

Seriously... what? It's slapstick comedy.
I watched it and I turned out fine. *twitches*
Yeah I know what you mean man. I miss the days when it was all Tom and Jerry and stuff like that. Kids don't get that classic slapstick humour anymore.

EDIT: I'm going to go and watch some now just for old times sake.

EDIT2: Mind you Tom and Jerry probably isn't politically correct for todays PC standards. Not health and safety-fied.
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Aye, tis a damn fun game. One that I'm definately getting

Hell yes. I loved the scene on the cars.
Played the demo of Wet today...
It was epic fun. So much fun I went and downloaded a wallpaper of Rubi for my computer. >.>
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I'll be "That Guy"

I shat bricks.
Yeah man, you should have complied with them instead of being a complete div about it and ignoring them. Thats what got you chucked out. Not saying the F word.
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deep purple, but seeing the beards of ZZ top in real life would be epic


ZZ Top > Deep Purple.
Dunno. Why don't you try it and let us know?
1. James LaBrie
2. Maynard James Keenan
3. Deryk Whibley
4. Zach De La Rocha
5. Claudio Sanchez
I just made a CV...
Name and Address, contact numbers, emails etc etc to begin with.

Then have a small personal statement. Saying what you enjoy doing. What you're doing at the moment etc. Nothing too lengthy.
Then school grades etc
Previous work history
Then references
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Easy. Both Dreamtheater and Opeth are boy-band poprock junk targeted towards naive, angsty teenagers who don't know better. Somehow people don't understand this?

You should leave now before I cockslap you back to the Stone-Age son.

That lead singer of Bring Me The Horizon. He needs to shut the hell up.
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TS doesn't like them and wants us to hate on them so that he can then show them this thread full of abuse for them. TS FAIL.

TS needs to grow a pair.

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. And the Hal Leonard INCREDIBLE CHORD FINDER

I don't understand what TS wants us to do? Evidently TS is jealous.
"Hahaha. You cruel bastard. D: Fine I'll do it. But I want it on the record that I'm being made to. Xxx" Discussing who was going to book the dinner table. She threatened to make up lies about me to the girl I like.
Dude, just be yourself. Try and be confident in the interview. Make your CV stand out but don't come across as cocky. Sell yourself but not so much that you sound completely up your own ass.

Make sure you ask questions if they ask you, they love you to ask questions. But not too many. Keep it to about 2 or 3. Prepare in advance.
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metal gear solid 4.

Meh, I borrowed it off a mate. Personally, I found it a disappointment in comparison to the previous ones. Mind I completely assrape MGS3.
I'm thinking Devil May Cry 4? Any suggestions?
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Move on! There are so many games you havent played yet waiting to be discovered

But it's so hard

I dunno there's nothing that really catches my eye gamewise at the moment. I've got:
Little Big Planet
Killzone 2

Fancied Prototype but it didn't look that good graphically in comparison to InFamous. There's nothing else out at the moment which I want. Played a demo for DiRT 2 and it disappointed me completely.
Knock and Don't run > this pussy sport of knocking and running.