I don't understand

Wincest! Fun for all the family.

But seriously no. You'd have babies with webbed feet and 3 heads and small penises. Although that might be hereditary for you TS
Finally nailed this one song for the band I'm in perfectly after 3 weeks of sucking at it. >_<
Creativity 0/10
Fooling some of the Pit 4/10
Trolling, pretty lame attempt man. 0/10

Seriously. I read that and one word sprang into my mind. This word... was bullshit.
Nope, but then again I'm not a complete idiot.
Go away. *reported*
Mmhmm... and...

Depends how much you're going to use it. Interest rates can be pretty high on them and you always have to make sure you have the money to pay for the bill at the end of the month, or you won't be credited you'll just have a bad credit rating.
Imo, nah man. Don't bother. Get a debit card and pay for stuff with money that is actually yours.
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lol i should have tried this when i had braces =p.

No really don't. I don't advise anyone doing it. It hurt like hell and my mouth didn't feel right for the rest of the day.
Hooked a 9 volt battery to 2 crocodile clips and stuck them onto my brace. Wasn't the smartest thing I've ever done really. >_>
I've done it. Although the first time resulted in my parents yelling up the stairs "Can you go to the shop and walk the dog?" Instant boner kill. >_> They knew I reckons.
Did it at hers. Her brother walked in. That was awkward over dinner.

It's risky. Kind of hot. But not my cup of tea really. The fact my parents would string me up by my balls puts me off.
Quote by ctb

I lol'ed then I actually clapped. Very clever good sir. I would like to see someone try and top that.
Buy her a moped.
Good lord man! Paragraph that shit.

Why not just put her on your insurance? That way she/you can drive to places drop other person off. Pick them up after. Win win?
Hide any valuables in a locked room. Hide any pets. Lots of bowls incase people get too drunk. I always make sure there's some food rolling around somewhere you know just snacky stuff to soak up any drink.
All these people saying the host should be sober! Pffft! You leave that to any designated drivers. If there are then **** it.
Good music. Nothing obscure. Make sure you leave one room pretty emptyish for dancing/ sleeping if people stay down after.
Leave rules that if people hook up there's to be no funny business in your own/ parents bed.

Generally have a good time.
What you do is go to her house, and sit in a bush and await my instructions.
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Akimbo shotguns on MP. oh yeah, its my perfect game. How to piss off "pro'z" in less than 30 seconds? Dual wielding shotguns, thats how...

Haha I was playing last night and kept getting mowed down by some guy with dual wielding shotguns. So overpowered. Although I see your shotguns and raise you dual wielding P90's. Overkill much D:
Not fussed on the AC-130. I find if you just find somewhere indoors you can avoid most of it. Chopper gunner and Pavelow are far more satisfying I find
OMG! I'm beyond tired of these threads whinging about popups, that interrupt my enjoyment of the Pit and UG in general. Everytime I log on there's someone whinging about it and it gets right on my tits.

Get firefox and adblocker.
You: Hi can I have a word with you boss?
Boss: Sure what's up?
You: Well, I'm kind of getting more schoolwork than I used to. So I was wondering if you'd mind giving me a reduction of hours because I don't really want to finish or if you'd mind giving me a bit more flexibility within my contract?
(If he says yes. Negotiate hours)
(If he says no. Say: I'm very sorry then but this will have to be my 2/4weeks notice. Thank you etc etc)
In the words of Sgt Griggs "Sssshheeeiit... kid's got some issues."
Take it to the bands and artists forum mate.
*reported for moving*
He knows best. You should practice more until you're actually able to do what he's giving you well. Then maybe you'll get some new stuff to do. But until then you just need to practice over and over.
Ditching him because you're not mature enough to sit down and practice something over and over isn't a good enough excuse.
As long as I want. Sometimes I won't come home for a few days. Lately that hasn't been the case as I haven't been properly out in ages
Dream Theater - The Count of Tuscany/ A Nightmare to Remember
Porcupine Tree - The Incident
Fightstar - The English Way/ Colours Bleed to Red
Metallica - The Unforgiven III/ All Nightmare Long
Alestorm - That Famous Ol' Spiced/ Wolves of the Sea
Chickenfoot - My Kinda Girl
Muse - Uprising
Porcupine Tree - Remember me Lover
The Prodigy - Thunder
Steel Panther - Fat Girl (Thar She Blows)/ Eyes of a Panther

There's probably far more.
For going out I have some random black shoes/ my limited edition converse.
General wear converse/ Vans.
Likes his music. I'm assuming that's your lastfm :p and he's waiting for someone
I'd like to think it could happen. But I have a back up plan incase it doesn't work out for me.
If there's grass on the field. Play ball.
So Activision want to charge COD users in the future for online play.

FU! Tom Tippl!
Hell CoD is good. But not so good I'd pay monthly to play it online.
OK sideways person.

: + ) = a smiley face. THAT blew my mind.
I'm gutted I'm in work tonight and missing it. Oorah for iplayer!
Was this thread supposed to be amusing?
Quote by sum41kid123
Sounds like you have a Sony Ericsson. Those things can go between the ass cheeks of the most obese person alive and still live.

This isn't true for mine. Mine likes to break for no reason. It'll be in my pocket, and it'll just break. I'm on my 5th replacement one. (contract so they have to give me the same one )

But OT. I left my bag in a London taxi. Which contained my mp3 player and headphones, and my hat. Still waiting on the insurance company to get back to us.
Uhhm I can't find my Battle of Los Angeles CD think I may have left that in my old car when I sold it. Woops. I think that's about it.
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Tales Of Vesperia kill any RPG the PS3 has to offer. Vesperia is coming for PS3 but only in Japan.

I thought PS3's were multi-regional. So surely you could just import it?
Quote by guitar12
My xbox just broke again

Maybe I should just get a PS3.

Yay, Nay?

Yay. Well, that's my personal opinion. Other people will disagree. Personally I find PS to be a lot more reliable. After hearing my cousins xbox has broken 5 times, and I've had my ps3 crash once on me.
Downsides of ps3 is the warranty that comes with it is absolutely shocking. So a wise move would be to take out some extra insurance on it just incase, also loading times can be a little slow and the online can be funny sometimes. But I'd say 90% of the time it works perfectly for me.
Metropolis Pt.1 The Miracle and the Sleeper - Dream Theater
All the Rage - Funeral for a Friend
Time Has Come - Spock's Beard
Take Your Fingers From My Hair - Zebra

Gravemakers & Gunslingers - Coheed & Cambria
Roses for the Dead - Funeral for a Friend
Eye of the Storm - Bullet for my Valentine
Evil Woman (Don't Play Games) - Black Sabbath
Nothing Else Matters - Metallica
Wanna Be Startin' Something - Michael Jackson
Only Human - Jason Mraz
Overdriver - Joe Satriani
Dirge for November - Opeth
Before I joined the band I'm in now they opened for Alestorm.