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...What? Quit trying to act smart. Obviously she shouldn't have used the alcohol bag. You just HAVE to disagree with the TS, don't you? ¬.¬

However, TS, you should have pointed out to the cashier that she used the wrong bag. Which makes you looks pretty damn stupid as well.



Seriously it's a bag. Who gives a toss? Would you rather she didn't give you a bag altogether? TS honest to god grow up. So some people gave you some funny looks. So what? Why does it matter?

boo hoo, customers ****ing suck.

Try being in our situation, where every little brat wants a different shaped bag or some other unreasonable demand.

Also this. +1
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It was the only thing the game had over CoD4.

True man, totally true. Was the only good part about the game imo.

Ah well MW2 next month.
Frick. I payed £20
Gah, got to level 28 with my mate on Nazi Zombies - Der Riese t'other night. Cannot get any further though.
Is it sad that the only reason I bought World at War was for the Nazi Zombies?
Practising Roses for the Dead by FFAF for this band who've asked me to be a temp bassist for them.
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edit:^^ ^above poster is right.

Haha Damn straight, 42 is the answer to life. Also I'm sigging me being right.
Deep space photography.
Mail order catalogue shopping.
"Bill Frost Welsh carpenter who patented the aeroplane in 1894 and took to the skies in a powered flying machine the following year, eight years before the Wright brothers attempt at Kitty Hawk. Born in Tenby." Yeah fuck you Wright Brothers
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Yeah the other side's probably mangled or something


I read peugeot have like some 12 year anti-rust thing going on?

Haha it's alright it'll buff out.
No worries any questions just fire them my way.

I have no idea? I'll do some looksies into that now see what I can find. Because mine had rust under the bonnet and it's only 10 years old

EDIT: I read up. Old models have a 6 year rust (anti-rot) warranty type thing. But on the new cars like the 207, they have a new 12 year rust warranty. Shows how much confidence they have.
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Ahh right. That's not bad milage on that one there. Although I'd take a viewing first and possibly a test drive as it only has one picture. Just to be sure of it. Otherwise it looks tidy like. What you can see of the bodywork looks clean.
It has the headlights I want for mine Dammit.

Also check for rust underneath the bonnet. As that's a common place apparently, and mine had the beginnings of some under there.
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Is it weird getting used to teh strange-placed pedals?

Strange placed? I didn't really notice The only thing I find is I can't drive it in my Vans because the clutch and brake are closer together than my previous cars. So my foot sometimes hits both of them.
But what reg one you looking at Mistress? I have a W reg it might have changed on newer models

Also I had the same problem with finding ones that hadn't had the nuts screwed off them. Mind that tends to go for any small car these days unless it's had one lady owner.
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Any peugeot 206 owners here?

Yo. Sup?
Probably not the best place for it brah. Take it to the Tab Talk threads. Bound to be someone to do it for you there. I need a couple doing for me.
I wasted 30 seconds of my life being completely un-amused by that.
Thread does not deliver... at all. Ever. It never will.
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Say that to the girl that died after taking the jab for cervical cancer. NO vaccine is 100% safe, hell. Ask all the people from the 60's and 70's about the last swine flu outbreak in America. Lots of them lost the use of there legs because of it.

She died because of a completely unrelated tumor. It was purely coincidental that she died from the tumor after having the jab.

Also, Swine flu is just flu but affects the chest more, causes respiratory symptoms. Most likely to affect people with weakened immune systems, chest problems and old people and young babies.
While no vaccine is 100% the majority are safe for the majority of people. The odd's of something happening to someone who's just had a jab are slim to nothing. This is why they have drug trials and provide advice and possible side-effects of these drugs.
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You should've told him he was breaking the law and give him the following options:

  • Pay fine
  • Go to jail, Do not pass go, do not collect £200
  • Resist arrest


This guy was badass.
The Sub-Saharan recording of rainfall yearly, coupled with transpiration rates and daily zebra count.
Hmmm.... what about an ordinary Lancer? Not the Evo. Just the plain Lancer. My dad had the sport version of one of those and it was alright? Sort of like the EVO's little sister if you will.
Look for the 2.0l Sport version. There's a couple on Autotrader.
Pink go for a Lotus Elise. Old shape model. There's quite a few on Autotrader for your price range. Plus as they are 1.8 so the insurance isn't too bad. But they go like a rocket on rails.
Assuming you want something insane and 2 seater. Otherwise. Blayney asked me this... and we came up with...

EDIT: I cannot type for beans tonight.
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Get real son!

90% of women AND men will think PUA is dumb and for greasy haired guys wearing leather jackets going "what YOU doin'" in Joey voice.

Its the art of social dynamics, social psychology, and building self-esteem. As much as girls will say its gay, lame, cheesy, fake, etcetc, I bet me and you are a lot more fun to hang out with!

It's How's you dooooin? Which is a fantastic pick up line.
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Most places only accept photographic ID. So you may have a problem there.
That's like asking me would I knowingly put my penis and balls in a bear trap...

No, I wouldn't. Because sitting through another fail Saw movie would probably be more painful than above metaphor.
Chimichanga's *dances*

4 Chicken Fillets cut into small pieces
1 onion, sliced finely into small cubes
2 cloves of garlic, finely chopped
1 red pepper + 1 yellow pepper, sliced into small cubes.
2 tomato's roughly chopped
2 spring onions chopped.
100g of sweetcorn
1-2 green chilli's finely sliced. (depends how hot you like it)
1 packet of Fajita mix.
1 tub of guacamole
1 tub of soured cream
Shredded lettuce
Tortilla wraps

Put the peppers, garlic, onions and chicken into a pan and cook on a high heat with some sunflower oil for 4-5 minutes until the chicken starts to brown.
Add the chilli, spring onions, tomato's and sweetcorn cook for a further 2-3 minutes.
Mix in the fajita mix and leave to cool.
Meanwhile warm your tortilla's so they are flexible and you're able to fold them without breaking them.
Spoon a small amount of your mix into the centre of the tortilla's and fold up then pin in place with cocktail sticks.
Heat a large amount of oil in the bottom of a frying pan. Add the packets to this until they are golden on both sides. Remember to turn them and not burn them!
Serve on a bed of shredded lettuce topped with guacamole and soured cream. And Nachos if you're feeling fancy.
That is badass! Do want.
I got dared to go up to a girl and tell her... "I would tap yo fine ass so hard" Needless to say she looked terrified and ran away.
I also got dared to get in a bin and sit in it while getting pushed down a hill... that didn't end well.
Another one I recall was being dared to go up to a group of girls and asking them if they had a rabbit *wink wink* that I could use to pull out of a hat.

I can't say no to a dare dammit
Youtube thread plz. Kthnxbai
Sucks to be you, doesn't it?
I was thinking about a multi-effects pedal for my bass the other day. Thanks for saving me the time of asking the question TS.

Also my mate said there's the possibility of the multi effect ones sounding quite digital in their sounds? Is that true to any extent?
I bought a pair of £3 ones from ASDA's. 2 years later they still work like a dream.
They really aren't that hot. >_>
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What were you doing with cutlery and tissues?


Ah man I do this all the time Last week I put the sugar bowl in the fridge and the milk in with all the bowls and plates.
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I have this thing called an mp3 player. It's pretty neat. Holds over 1000 songs or something.

Some of us can't afford your fancy in-car Mp3 players.

Mine is.. Porcupine Tree - The Incident

On my mp3 player it waaas... Scenes from a Memory - Dream Theater
I... don't really care...
Shouldn't this be somewhere else?
1. Porcupine Tree - 45
2. Paramore - 13
3. Dream Theater - 7
3. Eagles - 7
5. Metallica - 5
6. Foo Fighters - 4
6. Dire Straits - 4
8. Steel Panther - 3
8. Feeder - 3
8. Muse - 3
8. Blink 182 - 3
8. Nightwish - 2
13. Scars on Broadway - 2
13. Slade - 2
13. Bryan Ferry - 2

Haven't listened to much this week at all.
The WET soundtrack. Actually one of the best ones. Even if you don't buy the game, get the soundtrack.
Start at a house party, then head to a bar. Next stop a night club, then back to a friends house for more drinks. Then by that time it's about 6am so feel free to pass out wherever the mood takes you.
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Get a xbox

I'm just going to report you for being a douche.

Yeah TS this has just happened to my mate. He can't decide what to do yet. There really aren't many choices.

Also to

just buy a 40gb fatboy so you can play ps2 games on it and have a new, working ps3

I didn't think the 40GB had backward compatibility? I have a 40GB and it doesn't