Thank you, That is excellent for you to say that!
I bought the 4 x 5 clear gloss inkjet labels.
I printed them like a photo.
I am starting to build my own effects pedals and shared my experience with my first build in the forum Preamp for Piezo Pickups Build. I tried to share how to put the guts together. My next build is a Fuzz box kit.
It has a good sound clip.
There is a nice .pda file for this.
It came with good instructions and seemed easy to build even though it is more involved.

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The fun part is painting the box and making it look good and I would like to share how I did this.
The kit comes with a template to drill the holes but I made my own graphic and made the holes to work with it.
You have to put a primer on bare metal and then paint the box the color you like

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I am printing the graphic on a clear label and covering it with clear sealer.
Try a label on a scrap to see if the sealer will be compatible.
Cut the label to size and peel about an inch or so from the top and fold and crease the backing.
Align the graphic and press the top in place with your whole finger across the width and pushing up.
Lift the bottom of the graphic and peel the backing slowly while sliding your finger down to avoid air bubbles.
You can now apply the sealer.
After it is dry, put the guts in and fire it up.

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I got a sheet of felt with a sticky backing at the craft store and stuck it on the back.
Be careful because the felt will stretch as you pull on it.

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I glued a piece of Velcro inside to hold the battery.
I had a lot of fun with this project.
I hope by sharing this I can take some of the mystery out of making you own effects pedals.
I want to build my effects pedals and was wondering what it would be like to buy a kit and build it.
I found a kit for instruments using piezo pickups that was cheap enough to start with at
I got the kit and was surprised at the lack of info. on how to build it so I thought I would share my experience incase someone finds it useful.
The kit is built on a Vero Board that looks like this and is very small.

The directions are good but the pics are really bad.
You have to take a drill bit and twist it with your fingers to scrape the copper off where it is shown. Then turn it over to insert the parts to solder.

Here is a graphic I was lucky to find and I filled in the missing info to help.

First we solder the transistor socket in at the DSG in the image.
Use little solder or you could have a mess real quick.

Now we will add the resistors.

Click here to get the resistor color codes Resistor Color Codes
The graphic tells you the value of the resistors and where they go.
R1 is 3M but it's 3.3M so look for the resistor with an orange stripe on either end and the next stripe in should be orange also.
solder all the resistors then solder the capacitors.

The value is on them and a - sign means it is negative on that side wire so solder the other wire where the plus sign is at C1 and C2.
Now were going add the wires. The kit comes with a black and white wire I cut in thirds. First solder the red wire from the 9v snap to the +9V.
solder a white wire to the 5K Gain 1,2 and a black wire to the 5K Gain 3 and you can solder the switch that came in the kit to these.
Solder a white wire to Input and a black wire to Ground.
Take the stereo jack and hold it so the prongs are to your right and solder the black wire from the 9V snap to the prong farthest from you.
The Input wire will solder to the prong closest to you.
Solder the wire labeled ground and another piece of black wire to the middle lug.
Doing it this way makes the power turn off when you unplug the jack.

Now take your mono jack and solder the wire labeled out to the prong for the tip and the other black wire from the stereo jack to the ground lug of the mono jack.

Now you put the transistor in with the flat side to the left. You can trim the wires if you want.
You can now plug in the 9V battery and try it out.

With any luck it will work and you can decide which box to put it in.
I bought a box from them but it was way to big so I found an old tin I had lying around and drilled some holes in it and taped everything and installed it.

I had to bend the lid around the jacks but it worked out O.K.

I can't design an effects pedal but I can follow directions and build one. I just wish they would make these directions for the rest of us.

P.S. I attached a better pic of the schematic.
Sorry, My bad!
Everything's already been done!
Pink Floyd and The Wizard Of Oz.
I thought this topic would have been done to death but I did a search and didn't find anything.
So, I think it's cool enough to mention again for those who have not heard of this.
Alot of people believe that Dark Side Of The Moon is an alternate soundtrack for The Wizard Of Oz Movie.
If you start the music after the lion roars the third time alot of crazy coincidences happen. Or are they coincidences?
I've heard that Pink Floyd denies doing this on purpose.
You can download a copy that is already mixed together.
Here's a cool web site that expains this The Dark Side Of The Wizard Of Oz
It's kinda of fun to do if you feel trippy!
Please excuse me if this topic has already been discussed.
I have a 120w RMS SS Multivox Stradolin 566 vintage combo amp. I recently purchased another just like it from a guy but it is 80w RMS. I would like to upgrade it to 120w and it seems like it might just be a question of replacing the power amp. I know I can't find original equipment parts for it either. I've searched the internet and can't find much on SS upgrades. Basically, I think I'm asking if it would be easy to do this without alot of scientific stuff. LOL
Is there a place to shop for parts that you know of?
Any info will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.
Thank you,
Hopefully they all have the value in K on the back.
I will look for alpha pots.
Do you have a favorite place to buy these?
Thanks again.
Please excuse me if this issue has already been discussed.
I have bought a guitar amp and am waiting for it to be shipped to me.
I know the volume, distortion and reverb controls will have to be replaced.
Are these all pots?
Are they different than those used on a guitar.
I have searched the internet and can't find anyone selling these for amps.
Any info will be greatly appreciated.