Go with any early Death. You can never go wrong with Crystal Mountain.

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^ Dragonforce, Prepare for war

Chicken Bacon Ranch. best sub ever
"Accidentally" let her find some forum topic of someone complaining their life was ruined because of all the viruses they got from porn.
No, there was nothing else there... and nothing else on in my room except for one light.

Should I assume it's nothing to be concerned about?
If your other 5 strings are in tune and one isn't, then tune that one string so it's in tune.

When you say a string is "out of tune with itself" that's an intonation problem. If your 12th fret harmonic is a slightly different pitch from your 12th fret fretted normally, or your 12th fret is a different pitch than the open string, you have an intonation problem. Check the guitar forum for how to fix that; it's not difficult.
I was using my Roland Cube 30X today, playing guitar along with a song i was playing with my Zune (connected to the aux in, which is designed for that sort of thing). It was on Power Squeezer (2-watt mode) and medium volume.

In the middle of the song (not when i plugged in or adjusted anything), the amp made a sort of loud popping noise. My first reaction was "crap i blew my speaker" but it worked perfectly fine after that and everything still does. To the best of my knowledge, there's nothing wrong with it right now - but I'd like to know what could have caused that noise and how to prevent it.

Atheist - the whole Unquestionable Presence album.
Cacophony - Concerto

Not sure how hard it is, but if you have practice sweep picking it might be manageable.

And it sounds f*cking awesome.
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I've looked at other models, no offence to those who like Ibanez, but those are boring guitars. Seriously they all look the same to me. The only one I liked was the PGM one. I love that kind of style.

Not sure what you mean by boring... but yes, the PGM models are amazing. You can't call the Xiphos ones boring either. But I love mine because even if it's black and doesn't have an unusual shape, it plays beautifully and was the best I could get for the price.

do you think Strats are boring too?

And on topic, it depends on how skilled you are and how much you trust your hands :P. I'd like to eventually build a guitar but right now there's no way I could without a kit, and I'd probably struggle even with one :P
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Well I myself have an Ibanez RG350 because one was available used for an affordable price ( In the shop its like 500$, isin't that a bit too much?). I think I'll never buy an Ibanez ever again. They're just such bland guitars, so boring in design. I wanna make myself a flying V, the gibson style one.

That's coz you bought an RG :P
Learning all the pieces of the solo is useless if you don't put it together. Try playing through the whole thing slowly, and then working it up to speed . Most likely, when you get up to the higher speeds you'll find that a couple of the licks are the hardest and you're having the most trouble with those, so practice those, but keep working the whole solo up to full speed.

The metronome is your friend.

And if you're looking for solos, try Paranoid, it's a good one
Sometimes I mess around singing while practicing... You just have to make sure your fingers know the song really well and can play it without you thinking about it... it's tough though.
this is not funny at all.
My cat never does that, she's sweet all the time. Not the brightest or most active, but she would never scratch anyone.
Disagree. My gf doesn't believe in sex before marriage, we get along fine thogh.
^ Try to get ahold of her (phone would be ideal) and have a mature convo with her and try to figure out where you stand and if there's a chance of getting back together. If you're not feeling good about it after/during the convo, just give up, there are other girls out there (who aren't drug addicts) .
it would be ugly.

1) there'd be anarchy
2) we'd die out pretty fast because there's not enough girls to reproduce fast enough.
I don't have my own car so I usually get to take my mom's Mercedes when I'm driving at night. It's like 8 years old but damn, those speakers are awesome.

So I can listen at loud volumes without problems like the one you described.
Ooh... I read that book like 3 years ago.

"Kingdom for a Heart" by Sonata Arctica - it's about how a dude is willing to give up a kingdom for this one girl, but he has neither a kingdom nor the girl.

There's a couple of Angra songs that could apply, "Reaching Horizons" and "Carry On". I love the 2nd one, but the 1st might apply better for Pip.

Uhh... Carry On Wayward Son by Kansas could work too.
Tortex 1mm.

The blue ones.
When I was like 14 i was on a family vacation to Australia and went to a beach with my parents that had a ton of topless people...yeah that was awkward.
You first work with head, or it won't work well. But once you start playing you only bother with the body. don't want the G-string to cut into your nut.

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the ones i have suck (and not in a good way)

You have multiple lovers?
Got it. So you basically become boyfriend/girlfriend when you're exclusively dating each other and have a discussion about it. Thanks for the responses.
When do you become boyfriend/girlfriend and is that the same thing as dating? If you go on a date with a girl, are you "dating"?

I just realized that I don't have a clue how this works. Several months ago I just asked my best friend out by saying "will you go out with me?" But we didn't really agree to any dates or anything; we (and everyone else) just considered us boyfriend/girlfriend after that. We both knew we liked each other.

But hypothetically, if you don't know if someone likes you and you're on a date, then when do you actually become boyfriend/girlfriend? Are you supposed to ask something like "will you be my girlfriend?"
this topic blows.
Dude, good luck, and I hope everything gets taken care of. For you, spend more time with friends - find a good friend (girl or guy, doesn't matter), tell them this same story that you told us, and hopefully they'll listen and sympathize and try to help you out.

As for your mom's marijuana thing and her relationship with your stepdad, get professional help tbh.

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I read the last paragraph... umm.. try .... gettin high?
I support equal rights for women, but feminists piss me off.
Atheist - An Incarnation's Dream
Rainbow - Stargazer <---------------- Do that one!!!
Iron Maiden - The Legacy (terrible grammar in that one though)
I'm not sure if i entirely understand what you mean by "crooked" (please post pictures), but pickup height is often slightly different for treble and bass sides - one reason why there's usually a height adjustment for both. It should usually be level or close, but it's really your choice and depends on the guitar/pickups. Shouldn't rock back and forth though.
Usually tone is affected by how close the pickup is to your strings, so wiggling it left and right probably wouldn't do a whole lot to your tone. Can you post pictures? But I'm guessing it's nothing you can't fix with just a screwdriver.
Uhhh... everyone here (including me, for sure) is going to say her tastes suck. It's still an opinion.
Never cheated or been cheated on.
Being short is neither good or bad, it just... is what it is I guess.
get off the computer.
doesn't really bother me lol
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Where do you live? I want to move there and live happily ever after.

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I agree with the guy above, you seem to live in some kind of magical miracle land and I want to go there.

Umm... high school? Or maybe I'm just really lucky.

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Since when? Isn't there a whole section in the FAQ called the Friend Zone? According to you, it's needless.

Well... not needless. But when you're really bestest friends and really close + comfortable with the other person, yes you both end up liking each other, although it's kind of tough to realize that you like them in a romantic way in addition to as a best friend.

This has happened to me, 2 of my close friends who had girl best friends, and one other kid I know who had a girl best friend. Sure, maybe it's just chance, but that's how I've seen it work out, and I'm not complaining at all