I force choke storm troopers who come to me with this crap. They always try to show me how they are smarter than their sith lord.

Seriously, this is the stuff that Jedi sit around and do in their free time. You wanna do math? Get up and get you some Calculus. Math that actually is useful and can be used for spreading evil. That is your first step in harnessing the dark power of numbers. Not this crap.
The price for incompetence within the empire is great.

Plus, all my minions have began looking at these earth workplaces and they've started to get these crazy ideas in their heads like unions, mandatory work breaks, safety inspections...blah...and I'm like what. the. hell. Are you kidding me? The first few I dealt with accordingly, but seriously, they whine and moan about this crap all. the. time. Do they just not see that all of that impedes what I'm trying to accomplish?
You are evil.

I like it.
Yeah. Me and mosh pits don't mix that well. People run into me. Of course, I'm solid as a freakin rock...and the ole lightsaber comes out.
Game. Set. Match.
"burn the stars"

I approve of the user name.

Although, I find I like burning planets more than burning stars.
But to each his own.
Can I hear a big "yeep yeep" for some intergalatic history?

Yeep, yeep
Write a 20 point proposal on your plan to completely take over and the dominate the entire universe.
I sang a little diddy when I woke up this morning. And did a little jig.

And then got to business.
Quote by TheRstar

Sorry, earthling, but asking for a thread to exist about Mac and PC's without sparking a "Which Is Better Debate" is like asking a Jedi to go out and get laid.

It's just not happening.
Quote by JeanMi36
How did the PC did all that with a BSOD?

I'm sick of these Mac vs PC threads. Both are good. It's like comparing Fender to Gibson. Personal preferences + Needs.

Ever wondered why the Death Star blew up?

The universe is so much easier to dominate on a Mac.
Quote by Ur all $h1t
civil engineer.
Class. $100,000 a year here I come.

You think civil engineers get paid $100,000 a year?

Please, Earthling, I lure civil engineers into space with (the equivalent of) $85,000 per year. Plus, theres really no disguising it anymore...I've got one evil business going. These guys aren't building roads for cancer patients. They're wreaking my havoc.

$100,000 per year.

Plus, you live in Ireland? Why do you even care?

I really find this lol'able. I'm just sitting up here in the DeathStar laughing at all these people trying out this politics thing. Blech. Politics for me is simple:
Quote by rickyy
You're awesome, but are in desperate need of getting laid.

It doesn't take very much time out of my epically evil day to make some posts on a message board.
Please, Earthlings. Your world is tiny compared to intergalatic geography. I bet no one here could point to King's Galquek on a map.

Yeah, thats what I thought.
Parent Trap
You just got Deathstarr'd.

The person who bashes me will also get pwned.
Well, I'm a bit removed from school, but I can say that my subordinates find me quite pleasurable to be around. Some of them get a little nervous, but once they've been around me long enough they realize I'm just a stereotypical limbless, evil mastermind, supported by an incredibly badass, intimidating suit, who has a voice that appears naturally in only nightmares and Bible videos, and who is bent on wreaking havoc, gettin' the ladiez, and dominating the universe.

So, yeah. I'm pretty popular. And if people don't want to admit that then, well, you know, gotta have some fun in life.

I won this planet off of the other month.

Guess what I did with it?


Actually, I built some homes on it and am trying to break my way into the deep space realty market.
I tried it.

It's just not the same as the real thing.
Unfortunately it's false.

Your homedawg Darth definitely pwned Mr. Rodgers last week.
Yeah, with the suit and good

I just get a droid to do it.
Quote by LordBishek
I am the indefinite integral - I have no limits.

This is worse than any Jedi pickup line I've ever heard. And I've heard some bad ones.
I've lost count.

But usually when I get mad, death and destruction ensue.

Then I go Darth-Talk the ladies.
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blows. everytime i try to update my ipod, it says it has been corrupted.

All my childhood friends say that about me.
Quote by Strato87
dude im 14 and youd shit your pants if you knew what ive done, cigarettes are the least of my worries

Perhaps you'd enjoy a tour of duty in the imperial army then?

I've got some great assignments for a badass such as your self.
Annihilate them. Show no mercy.
The Dark Lord commands you to cease from slander the Kings.
I'd recommend employing some small furry vermin to help you.

Also invest in some of these sweet rides:

But make sure the morons operating them can drive them.
Quote by rickyy
TS ;

The dark lord approves of this photo.

Force choke works well.

I don't really have that many problems. The ladies love me and my dark side.
I consider Google my biggest rival for complete domination of the universe. Think about it, they've got mail services, blogging services, map searches, patent searches, a web browser, a chat service, hell, they even have their own verb. They are taking over people's lives. What they don't have is a massive space station with a kickass lazer beam. I've got some little people keeping an eye on them, though. They get to far and KABOOM.

No more Google.
Quote by gothboy666
its not me its a friend except she lives quite far away and i need to know if shes in any danger coz even if i get her to doctor she wont tell me if shes gnna die

A lady sith lord?

You must be a sith lord. Welcome to the club.
I had a problem with storm troopers bustin' sags awhile back. So I sent them to Yuuzhan'tar, the 'hood' of the universe. They got laser gun caps busted in their asses.
Lord Vader commends you for being a Mac user.
Quote by Gordita Supreme
Is amazing, I know there is a gaming thread, but I wanted to get a list of people's user names.

So who has it? What do you think?

I think it dominates.

Name = ZoloftReturns


Dear Mr. G Supreme,
I command you to start referring to yourself as "Cheesy Gordita Crunch".

Lord Vader
There was a small planet being stupid. I told them to submit to me or suffer the consequences of their undarksideness. They refused.


Short story.
I miss the nights when Fett, Jabba, the Emperor, and I would get together every week and have man night. Order some Bantha Burgers, watch a couple of manly flicks, talk about destruction and havoc wreaking.

Ahh. Those were the good days.
Now everybody is just so damn busy.