You know, I have some time and actually a little energy for games lately. But I don't think anyone else here is playing :/

Shame because it could be cool to catch up with some of you!!
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Might have been when you weren't around anymore but here are a few:
icewall pics

Ah cool, i was just looking for somewhere to have another game but SP is dull and every public server is dog shit yikes not 3 years surely???
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i hope that first screenshot is a certain biome though. i don't really want the flowers to be THAT prevalent everywhere.

yeah i think it's a rare 'variation' of forests, like birch forests
woww the new update looks cool!

Flowers are Poppy, Blue Orchid, Allium, Azure Bluet, Red Tulip, Orange Tulip, White Tulip, Pink Tulip, Oxeye Daisy

This is a huge update
it was all one word, definitely. hope that helps :P
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as if I needed another reason to not play MC

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I know this sounds weird, But you should ejaculate on it. Semen is a naturally attuned to drawing out moister, It's the natural mechanic that helps push it through the fallopian tubes. and luckly for you It's been proven very effective at getting watermarks off electronic screens!

This is true, I saw a video about it and it actually works. I guess it's just like drinking your pee in the desert; it's weird and people might frown upon you but at the end of the day it's a logical solution to the problem. If I were you TS I'd listen to this guy and just go for it.
I want to read Harry Potter now
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Dream Theater's Scenes from a Memory for sure.

The ending legit scared me so much I kicked out at a wall and broke of part of my toenail.
No other album's done that to me :3

But no really SfaM is like the greatest thing ever.

I'm so glad people said SFAM. I came here to say this, it's just such an amazing experience. It's somewhere between reading a book and watching a film without video... so good.

I like it. Makes you ask yourself, what's inside? What's outside the tree? Why's it inside a tree? I also like the water on the other side of the leaves. 8/10, good piece, really makes you think, could be more detailed though.
Horses should drop Tesco beef burgers when you kill them
There's loads of stupid crap in MC that's been added over the updates, you just get used to it I guess.
Those carpets though...

2 full wool blocks -> 1/16th of a full block?
dat logic
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I'm on google maps

get on my level bitches,15.795746&spn=0.001638,0.003661&ctz=-120&t=h&layer=c&cbll=45.868861,15.795737&panoid=UA4-DRB43bcJgboBIWUG5g&cbp=12,71.87,,1,4.77&z=19

The slight shift of the connected images also makes me look like i have massive boobs

beat that


I genuinely thought that was a busty woman at first
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You're quite far away from everyone

Accepted you anyway.

There's two other applications in there but I don't think they're UGers so I'll leave them be until egraham gets here.

It's not as bad as I expected actually!

I could be more alone.
685 635
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World 68 is where we're at.

i know!

edit: continent is the part of the map, if both your coordinates begin with a 6 you're in continent 66
I gave it a go, looks like I'm a bit late to the party but i'm in continent 66 so hopefully shouldn't be too late. Accept me into UGAY!
That first one looks sooooo good argh
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That looks SO fun. I'd definitely be up for doing that when I'm back in a couple of weeks
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Laughing Out Loud Legitly

updated to what? 1.5 isn't out is it?? :S
Woah, right click on the map and choose Little Planet view.
Wait nope, I got it.
.1. before the next character means it's uppercase and inverse. So J in morse would be 1000, and there's a .1. before 0111 which translates to 1000 which translates to 1.

How the **** was anyone supposed to figure that out?
If there's a .1. preceding it, it's an upper case letter? Other than that it's just morse code right?
K ECP'V DGNKiXG AQW Jezir'z HsyPF mV cGx

that mistake there had me so confused.
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K ECP'V DGNKiXG AQW Jezir'z HsyPF mV cGx

whaaat what's with the lower case letters?! are they just to obfuscate it or something
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??? I thought I had it
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It must be an acquired taste. A bit like Scotch, which I also love.

Salty, fishy pineapple. Yes it probably is
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I haven't heard from him in a while, but last I heard he was fined something like £2000 for the 3 counts, evidence of which they had for 3 albums. It was pretty crazy. He had to move back in with his parents because he couldn't afford rent and the monthly payments for the fine.

What's the justification for that? Surely he wouldn't have incurred damages like that unless he was uploading/distributing?
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She got mad after I ordered a pizza with anchovies, pineapples and red peppers. Pretty much the perfect pizza, right? Anyways, she got pissed and the date was just kind of ruined. It kind of worked out for the best, anyway.

I'm not surprised, that sounds ****ing disgusting urghhh.
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Hope it wasn't raining.

Then it'd be...


This was just amazing. Beautiful.
I remember the first time I played, when I was about 11. I got lost on "tutorial island"