Charvel Desolation series.
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Death Grips

Hipster Hop

I hope you realise this website is massively satirical.
Hey, don't really know where this goes but fvck it, I'm looking for a cheap USB Midi controller just to program EZ Drummer in Reaper and maybe some sampley, synthy stuff later down the road. Should I be looking at a keyboard or a sorta pad trigger thing? I've had a look at the Korg Nano series and they look kinda cool but I'm open to any suggestions, thanks in advance.
Rage Against the Machine
Happy NGD! I love LTDs, Ive got a H-401 FM myself.
Anyone here seen Buried? I just watched it and I feel as if I am missing something. How did he get through to 911? Did the terrorist survive the F-16 strike or was he in a different place all together? I'm guessing the two hostages, Paul and the other guy were buried near each other if they knew his general area and bombed it with the F-16s but managed to dig up the wrong coffin. Sorry about the spoilers...
It couldn't work because a light switch is just your usual single pole single throw switch that just opens and closes, not switching between 2 things like your guitar needs.
Christina Hendricks

Guitar I got for christmas.
An LTD H-401FM with Duncans
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Did you get them off Ebay by any chance? It's flooded with fakes, I got a set of CX500's a year or so ago and they had the same problems you're desrcribing. I had real CX300's at the time so compared them and it became blatently obvious something was wrong, they also used to vibrate like a sex toy when the bass was up. Would be a shame to see Sennheiser ruin such a good set of earphones.

Got them off amazon, but an unknown retailer through amazon, probably are fakes then.
There's the link, probably explains the price as well.
Anyone recently bought a pair of CX300-IIs? Oh my Lord, they are so shit compared to my last pair of them, sound quality and build quality have gone to shit. Sticker on the splitter part came off, sound is muddy, far too much bass and poorer material used for the jack and the case that comes with them. Any one else notice this?
Balls, I had my bets on WWIII being over religion/the middle east.
Don't Die!
Don't die!
I read somewhere that legal, paid downloads are still going up. So no.

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I see it as a "try before you buy" scenario


EDIT2: Heres an article I found backing it up:
I knew this had potential
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Pic speaks for its self.
Take my shoes off subconsciously. And then when I'm done concentrating I think, "how the hell are my shoes off?"

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I will randomly change things to pinch harmonics

The whole Them Crooked Vultures album
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I suggest you run before Fassa finds out you're a deist too.

Anal sex?
I recently noticed I did that and just did some alternate picking runs with a metronome to find out what speed it started happening. Then I just practiced at that speed, then once I could manage it I put it up a couple bpm.
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Dubstep or Thrash

Heaviest non-metal song I've ever heard.
The assault rifle is probably the worst gun in the game...
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Its religion, not reason. Every major religion has been proven wrong at least a few times, but people still believe.

But it's written clearly in the book they base their whole religion/life on.
I don't know too much about Catholicism but I'm wondering (and please correct me is I get any of this wrong) before the reformation the only people who could read the Bible were the priests and other holy people as they could speak Latin wheras the working class could not, and since there was no English translation they began to make things up to benefit themselves e.g. purgatory and giving money to the church to confirm your seat in heaven. Then during the reformation the Bible was translated into English, people saw that the priests were making stuff up and started protestantism. So, if the Catholics and Catholic priests were proved wrong then why are there still Catholics?

tl;dr If Catholicism was proved wrong during the reformation, why are there still people who follow it?