Hey all,

Long time reader, first time contributer etc. I'm currently trying to find a good overdrive pedal to sit at the front of my pedal chain. My current set-up looks like the below but I'm not happy with the RAT as I find it a bit too trebly for what I'm trying to do especially with the Tele. I want something that provides a little bit of bite but is still quite warm and close to the clean natural tone of the guitar. The style is kind of Arcade Fire/TV on the Radio/Wolf Parade/Radiohead with a few shoegazy elements.

Tuner -> ProCo Rat -> Fulltone OCD -> Big Muff -> MXR 6 Band EQ (Mainly used as a clean boost) -> Boss RV-5 -> Boss DD-20 -> Custom Tremolo -> Orange Dual Terror + PPC212

Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I'm getting lost in a sea of demo videos. My budget can probably stretch to about €200 ($265 Dollars) but preferably less.