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*can o' worms*

Also 'lol' at the Croatian guy stating that everyone in 'true' Eastern Europe is speaking a dialect of Russian. Don't let them Poles hear you saying that. It's like saying that English is a dialect of German

which, technically, isn't that untrue

I didn't say that, the two statements were not connected. I just replied to two posts at the same time. I know Polish is very much different than Russian because I can speak Polish to a certain degree (a strange course of events made me learn it).

Whoever asked about the Croats and whether it's a derogatory name, it's not.
Well, I'm not too sure who's trolling and who's not, but just for the record, Croatia is in no way (politically, geographically or culturally) a part of Eastern Europe. We don't speak a dialect of Russian nor do we use cyrillic alphabet (we don't understand the Russian). In fact, until the 20th century, we were divided between Austro-Hungary and Italy.

Also, I have no idea how would a white person disliking Croats be racist. More of a xenophobe.
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The Brits love to moan about all the immigrants coming in to taek der jurbs.

But they forget that Spain and Germany have more immigrants.

To be honest, I can't think of anybody wanting to go to live and work in Spain. Honestly, it's not that bad here and I don't think that there is enough difference in living standards to learn a new language, adapt to a different mentality and leave home to justify moving to Spain.

Germany was considered to be a very good place to work (manual labour, Baustelle and whatnot), but recently (in the past 10-15 years) it seems to be attracting only highly educated Croats. At least from my point of view.

Anyway, to be honest, I don't think that both the EU and Croatia have something to offer in this agreement, and I really doubt it will drastically change life standard in Croatia or in any way affect a random EU citizen. Anyway, you still have Romania and Bulgaria with much lower GDP per capita and much more citizens - 4 million Croats can't make that much difference.
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And half the population will be in Britain the week after...

(Hate to sound like a Daily Mail reader but that's more than likely how it's gonna go down.)

I highly doubt it. If I wanted to be mean, I'd say that we're not desperate enough to go there. But I'm not going to say that. (Germany, on the other hand, is a completely different story)

Anyway, there is a regulation concerning mobility of workforce from newly added countried to the rest of the EU. For the next two or three years we'll be able to work in EU member countries as if we never joined the EU.
Pantera - 5 Minutes Alone, the one after the solo, around 3:55
Why not Bassman? Good for both guitar and bass and great clean. Takes pedals very well.
You should have a logarithmic pot (audio pot, A), but you have a linear (B) one. Either that or your audio pot is bad quality (its characteristic is nearly linear). Replace pot, enjoy.
Have you tried adjusting pickup height? It could get rid of unwanted treble.

What kind of guitar / pickups do you have anyway?
Neck humbucker, tone all the way down. Kyuss tone. No need for distortion pedals.

QOTSA is a bit fuzzier. Try using Big Muff ( ) if you can't get close enough using only amp drive.
It reminds me of Brian May for some reason. Nice sound, good idea and playing. Vibrato isn't too intense imo.
Your math doesn't work. It's just nonsense.

Actually, on a 24 fret guitar you have 4 octaves. Let's say that you may be using dropped tunings so that's about 40 different tones available.
Let's say you won't be going faster than 32nd note (but you are allowed to use slower notes as a combination of more than one 32nd). Also, let's say you only write in 4/4 measure.
That's 32^40 without considering all kinds of bends, vibratos, harmonics, triplets and similar possibilities. Of course, majority of those riffs are absolute nonsense but they are possible. And that's for just one-bar riff. For every added bar, you multiply this number with itself.
There already is a math help thread.
Regarding this problem, the answer would be -1.

i^1 + i^2 + i^3 + i^4 = i - 1 - i + 1 = 0
And that repeats over and over.

So, equation equals i^21 + i^22 + i^23 = i^1 + i^2 + i^3 = i - 1 - i = -1
It's much easier if you convince yourself that you're interested in what you learn. Motivation is the key. I'm studying computer science so I also have to learn a lot of math, most of which I find utterly boring. I just force myself into thinking I like it so I somehow manage to learn it.
The wah works like a powerful equalizer. So every wah position (when it's turned on) has a specific sound and the wah-wah effect is created when you move the pedal, changing the sounds from very trebly to no treble at all and back.

Also, the model of your wah would be useful information if you want serious answers.
If they are such pieces of shit, why do people keep buying them? Also, have you ever heard one working or did you just write it because you heard some other people bashing on them?

If you're on a tight budget and you really need a delay, buy it. It's not very high quality but it's decent, especially in that price range.
I think Page was a session musician so he probably knows quite a lot. No idea about Slash.

There are awesome musicians with no musical education or theoretical knowledge but they do know everything they need to, and they learned it the hard way - by themselves, using only their ears.
Recently, it's getting harder to become famous (because of the competition) and you probably don't have 8 hours a day to figure it all by yourself (without reading etc) so you make your chances quite bigger if you decide to learn theory. Also, it's getting harder to come up with fresh ideas if you don't know enough.

So, basically, you don't have to know everything but it makes your chances bigger and reduces the effort needed. Also, you have to have something that differs you from your competition. And it will get harder and harder to break through.
Velvet Underground - Rock & Roll
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not 48

more like 45 or 46 (remember that the 8 is also the 1 of the next octave)

Oh God. 2 octaves between low and high E string is 24 frets as the 24. fret on low E string is also E (same pitch as high E). If the guitar has 24 frets, then it has exactly 48 different pitches (piano keys). Counting from first tone (and not counting the last one), one octave consists of 12 semitones (and every tone is there only once).
Nothing is wrong with BC Riches once they get to a certain price. I'm a BC Rich owner too so I have no stereotypical regarding that brand. But in your price range, you're going to get crap anyway, BC Rich or not.

Usually packs aren't any good and you're better off buying guitar and amp separately. If you can't stretch your price range, consider second hand equipment. Also, cheap and pack amps are so bad that you should consider playing through your computer (if possible) or getting a headphone amp (such as Vox Amplug) or a multieffect pedal - you'll get better pieces of equipment for less money.

Regarding guitar, look into some fixed bridge, humbucker equipped guitars on second hand market. Or if you really want to buy a new guitar, also try some other guitars and see if you can play easier on them. Shape usually gets boring (I know mine did) but playability and sound stays.
Do you really hear your inner voice as spoken sound of words in your head? I mean, could you describe that voice as you would with real voice?

Even if I think words in my head, they are more like written text than spoken one. And I usually don't, this is just when writing or thinking of what to say and how will it sound.
Make sure the motion comes from your wrist and arm and not (or just a little bit) from your fingers...
It won't harm electronics but it may affect the sound. Also, some pedals aren't made of iron/steel, but aluminum or something similar so your magnets won't work on them.
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I find myself disgusted with the "I'm a 12 year old boy" look that they're pushing. I don't mean I'm socially conscious, I mean looking at them makes me want to vomit.

Who is pushing it? As far as I know, all the Top X hottest women lists consist of curvy and healthy women (in great physical condition). It's quite rare to see a skinny girl on these lists.
Besides that, all the people I know prefer curvy or normal bodies and not skinny nor fat.

Any kind of discrimination is wrong, but extremes (such as anorexic or obese people) are also risking their health. Healthy is good, unhealthy isn't good.
I think OP didn't say anything about fixed standards of beauty. He was talking about people complaining about any differentiation between obese and not obese people when it comes to physical appearance. Most of the world famous models aren't skinny, they are healthy and fit. I highly doubt many young girls look up to relatively anonymous runway models no one has ever heard of.
I think that it's the problem of average (or below average) people being envious of successful and above average people. And average person is fat.

I'm not talking about medical cases, I'm talking of normal people who are fat. Being fat (not non-skinny, but really fat) is both cosmetic and health problem. I know rarely anyone would choose to be fat but please don't tell me they are completely unable to do anything about it. Average person can work out and eat healthy, but they DO choose not to.
1. Just practice, you will get better. Try to push evenly hard on every string and push the strings just next to the fret on right.
2. Actually, those are E and A shapes. E major, E minor, A major, A minor. Again, practice. Force your finger behind the neck as it will help. Later on, you might learn Hendrix-type barre chords (without an actual barre) and then you can leave your thumb over the neck. If you're using normal barre chords and not doing any bending or vibratos, keep the thumb behind.
3. Practice. Barring the three strings with pinky is a lot easier but you have to make sure you don't touch the high E string.

1. Practice is the key (yes, again). Practice both playing and singing separately and then practice combining them. Also it will help if you keep your rhythm with strumming hand. Things like these just come to you one day, given enough practice.

1. Wherever you hold it, it should only stay parallel to the strings. Good picking also comes with practice.
2. Try practicing fluid strumming motion without your guitar. So if you have four quarter notes in a bar, you do exactly 4 downstrokes and exactly 4 upstrokes between them. So, down, up, down, up and so on. While you're playing, always keep your strumming hand moving and only strum when you're supposed to strum.

Let's say that the song has pattern: DDUUDUDU. Strum down, return your hand without strumming, again downstroke, then upstroke when you're returning your hand, downstroke without strumming, strum upstroke, then strum up and down two times. Hope you understand this, I'm not very good with explaining.

3. Whatever you like. Long enough you don't touch strings with thumb and index finger and short enough to have control over it.
4. Try a bunch of different ones. It's a matter of personal preference.
I can't remember AND and OR symbols, but if they are correct, the diagrams are correct.
The Datsuns, Tame Impala, Cream, older Kings Of Leon, Maggot Brain, Nazz, Radio Moscow...
I've never seen anybody wear strap like that. Check the picture above to see how you should wear it and see if it helps.
If you're playing right handed guitar, shouldn't you be using your left hand as fretting hand and right as picking hand?
It's a C.
C6 if you're playing open A string.
In that case, it's also Am7.
Chromatic tuners allow you to tune any string to a pitch of any existing halftone. Ordinary tuners can only tune you to one of existing tunings, without showing the tone you are tuning to.
Chromatic tuners are imo much more handy and versatile. And quicker, if you're using strange tunings.
If you tune using fifth fret trick, you'll be tuning your guitar relatively, but not absolute. So it may sound like it's tuned, but if you play with other people or use a backing track, you'll sound really bad.
Get a tuner, if possible a chromatic tuner.
Regarding the post about training to tune by ear, it misses the point. You CAN be tone deaf and tune your guitar perfectly without a tuner. On the other hand, being able to hear subtle differences in pitch makes you a better musician.
Jack White. Although I love every project he's a part of and consider him a brilliant musician.
Don't be racist. Play it.
If people (black people) from, let's say, London, can play reggae, so can you. It's not about skin colour, it's about music.
Apparently you don't know enough. Learn some more.
You just love your phalluses, don't you?
Bear in mind that I've never played on a Virgin. I think there's too much stereotypes regarding BC Riches. I own one (Bich) and I can tell you that it sounds great on clean (I rarely use any distortion or overdrive) and it's quite versatile. And since I never played on a Viper, I can only suggest you to try both guitars before deciding. You're not buying the guitar for any of us and it only matters what you think of the guitars and how they feel/sound like to you. Hate towards an entire brand is just stupid. Try them both and decide for yourself.