No i don't, i was hoping to not have to buy one (just can't afford it at the moment). Its all come from a starter guitar so its all very cheap parts to though.
Finished building a Jag, and i wired it exactly as the diagram showed but couldn't get any sound except buzz. After not being able to find what was wrong i unsoldered it all and wired the pick up directly to the jack to see if i could get any sort of result but with no success. Should that have worked or does it sound like something, either pickup or jack input, is broken?
Can someone help/advise me please, I've read bits about guitar wiring and looked at wiring diagrams can't seem to relate it to what I've got (from Jaguar DIY Guitar Kit).

2 P90 humbucker style pickups
3 Way switch
Volume/Tone pot (500k) + Capacitor
Input jack
3 Red/brown wires and 1 yellow wire

The biggest thing thats throwing me off is in all the diagrams ( they have multiple wires coming from the pickups going to volume pot and 3 way selector but the pickups i've got only have one wire which is split at the end. Have i just got to solder another wire to the pick ups to go to the Selector or am i missing something?
(image was to big to post as attachment)
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That is not good enough. You need to use rubbing alcohol or similar that will remove any oils aswell as dirt, but dry leaving no resadue of its own.

I didn't know that, i'll make sure i get some for when i re do it. Cheers

Would the best thing for me to do now (after the clear has fully dried) be to just sand down the areas like this, re spray with colour then clear or would it be best to start over?
Yeah, i wiped it down with a mildly damp cloth then used a can of compressed air to clean it.
Ah sorry i should of included that. So far all I've done us sand the wood and put 3 coats of Rustoleum primer and colour on, its the same brand for the clear coat as well. The rest of the body is fine, its just this bit, and one tiny section you can see in the left of the picture. Its the first time it's been painted, so it was unfinished/unsealed.

Sanded it completely? I've used up to a 320 grit, sanding between coats when needed. But i've not done any wetordry sanding yet
I've been painting a guitar im building, and have put the primer and color coats on, but after the first coat of clear some points started becoming really uneven ridged. Then started rubbing off

Has anyone had something similar happen and know why it happened or what you can do about it?

Thanks both of you!
Its not going to bad, im doing the yorkshire 3 peaks again this saturday but this time with full pack and tent, and then walking 30 miles back the next day. I'll have one more big walk the weekend after but im fairly confidant that i can do it without to much struggle now.
Thanks! Its very much appreciated
Hi folks

On the 13th of July i'll be setting off on a 180 mile walk across England starting in Leeds all the way down to just outside of London to raise money for Great Ormand Street Hospital (GOSH). So im asking if any you would be so kind as to sponser me in doing this challenge, anything and everything is appreciated as its all going towards a good cause.

If you wish to donate you can do so on or text 70070 with the code PEBY 93 and the amount (£.

Thank you and apologies if this has wasted your time (and if this is the wrong place to post this)
I find down-picking normally sounds better in this style as it gives it a more aggressive sound. So with most of this kind of stuff i try to down pick to get that sound, especially with the 'pedal' riffs like the intro to Two Weeks. But then, people just play it how ever feels most best for them and alternate picking can make it easier most of the time which would probably be why you see a lot of youtube covers using it.
I partially agree with All Time Low, but its not like they just hoped up and all of a sudden changed their sound. Their music has defiantly become more "mainstream" over the years but there is 2 albums between The Party Scene and Dirty Work so its been a long term change.

Not alternative, but the metal band Blacktide are the first band i think of when i think of sell outs. Their debut and sophomore album when they got signed are so drastically different, and their entire image has completely changed to whats 'in' at the moment.
Thanks for the reply, i agree with you about the guitar tone. I'll try and see if there is anything that could be done about that or a possible way to change/edit it
Artist Name: Call To Arms
Genre: Hard Rock/ Metal
Influences: Trivium, Bullet For My Valentines, Gallows, Machine Head
Bio:Call To Arms are a 5 piece metal band hailing from the Leeds area. C.T.A. first began in mid December 2010 under the title of 'MintBerry Crunch' when both Tom Wiseman & Curtis Duncan was asked fill in a set at Selby's Riverside bar. But with only 2 weeks to prepare, local Bradford drummer Jordan Dinsdale came in for help. After the show was played. Mintberry was asked back to the bar to support a very well renowned AC/DC tribute named 'Hells Bells' . This would prove to be a make or break show, this being the case extra crunch would be needed!. Guitarist Pete Coultas and bringer of Art Banymandhub were soon drafted to complete the line-up. After quickly gelling as a unit the band have quickly thrived. The band has also played with respectable bands at respectable venues, including playing the main support slot to the mighty Tygers Of Pan Tang. In August of 2011, Pete Coultas left the band leaving it a still very strong 4 piece. after a short while, Tom White was brought in, completing the line-up once again. In December 2011 the current bassist Josh Perry was brought in shortly after Art Banymandhub decided to part ways with the band.
Members: Curtis Duncan - Vocals
Tom Wiseman - Guitar/ Backing Vocals
Tom White - Guitar
Josh Perry - Bass
Jordan Dinsdale - Drums
Link To Download Record:

Call To Arms are a 5 piece metal band from Yorkshire, England. We recently finished recording a mini 2 track EP, so any feedback and constructive criticism would be really appreciated.

and if you like the songs then you can download them for free from our bandcamp page

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plus add in all the pretend bisexuals trying to be "different and interesting"

This. So many teenage girls/scene kids pretend to be bi because its either "cool" or because they want to be different.
My friends band Change of Plan is trying to get on the line up for slamdunk festival.
If the lovely people at ultimate guitar would be as kinda as to vote for them it would greatly appreciated.
To vote for them,
saying CHANGE OF PLAN in the head and then in the body

If you would do this for me/them it would mean alot. Thank you
So its come to the point where i feel i need start learning music theory. I no the basics but only that and since christmas is only a few weeks away im looking to getting a music theory book. So can anybody recommend me a good theory book?
Thanks in advance
Sonic syndicate and bleeding through.
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This isn't an every song thing, but in "Stay Together for the Kids" you can hear Mark inhale sharply at the end of each line, and it drives me CRAZY. Once you hear it, you never notice anything else. Go try it.

Your lucky mister, i dont hear it. But if i did and you ruined that song for me, then im going to

be rather quite sad and call you a big meanie.

But you did so its okay
Im a long term martial artist, have obtained 1st degree black belt in karate and high belts in many other martial arts. Also i do extreme sports bmx, skateboard and some others. And im beast at tetris
Well, i dont really have a budget a friend offered me his cube 60 for £100, so im considering getting it and for the price it seems quite good.
Can the roland cube 60 do metal? im going to be doing gigs soon(ish) and need a new amp, so is this amp good for metal and if its not could it be boosted to do metal? I can get this amp very cheap which is why im asking. Thanks in advance.
Also, ive thougth since music is such a big part of my life i would write it all with either song names or lyrics i think that would be incredibly fun to write. And but you of the idea of doing it in the first place.
| would ive thought about this alot, id tell everyone what i thought of them, why i did it and just spill everything on the table, make people hate me for it i dont care id be dead just to show people what i really thinnk plus it would proberly be easier for them because theyd not care for me as much when they read it. with a few excepttions of course
I just finished tabbing out my GCSe music composition, this is only its first draft but i would like to get some feedback, so please comment, it will be appreciated greatly also i no there are some problems with the bends and timings of notes in there but i only have tuxguitar and im new to tabbing things out this way. Thanks
The agonis are female fronted more death metal though like arch enemy
For me it was proberly the blackest skyline by british tech band sylosis (who are ****in amazing) well most sylosis songs but they just have some amazing guitar lines that i found/find challenging but amazing to play when you have them down
if you think that song hurts try walking the demon,, strings like a bitch at first. But as with all guitar thigns after some playing your fingures will get stronger and you will then be able to play it wihtout any troubles, if its the bar chords that are hurting just keep on practising and your fingers will get stronger.
well i guess you could consider me a metalhead, i listen to all types of metal but then other types of music aswell just metal being my favourite by far, i look like your typical teenage metal head aswell, im in the mildly popular at my school but i dont care if metal gets more recognition or not. What i want for metal is for things like people to stop thinking its a violent genre, for people to stop calling metalheads and bands emos, i no people who are die hard behemoth fans and really love that black/death metal culture but get stereotype as emo based of the fact people think wereing a band t shirt that has well CC designs on it. So yeah, i dont mind how much more recognition we get because to be honest its a much bigger genre then people think metallica ones of the most successful acts of all time and alot of other successful bands, and since it doesnt get as much recognition you get to see bands in smaller venues that are soo much better than normal ones.
Korn. Well at least there earlier stuff was.
Pete wentz maybe, i dont hate him that much but i some who do, also the guys in brokencyde.
YOu should most deffinatly do it, if YOU want to. i proberly would tbh but depends how big of a fan you are.
i only buy the CDs of my absolute favourite bands, or local/unknown bands who need it the most. Ive also just buy songs of i tunes if i dont like the whole album
yeah well i find it really easy i have a jackson js30 and bcrich kkv sig and find them both fine playing sitting down.
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what guitar? make sure the trem is levelled.

its a Bc Rich KKV tribal (kerry king signature, the one with the diamond inlays)
also is it bad to tweet it with the tuners at the top, cause it was out of tune and so i just used them.
so ive got a new guitar for my bday yesterday and its got a floyd rose tremelo, so is there anything i should no about, be careful of or any precautions i need to know about. also how do you tune it because the A and G strings have gone really out of tune (i use gauge 12 strings on this guitar, dont no if that will make a difference though) and ive heard its alot different to tuning a standard guitar. Thanks
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If there arnt any alternatives i think i might just get one off ebay, but im kinda scared of getting guitar gear online.

Personally ive never had any trouble on the internet and ive brought 2 guitars and 1 amp (marshall mg15fx, jacksonjs30rr and bcrich kkv tribal) its all been great. just check what the sellers ratings are like and you should be fine
todays my birthday aswell
would the bugera v22 be able to do gigs of a similar size?