France and Brazil will probs end up playing each other so whoever the winner of that is can win the whole thing pls.

Just don't want Spain/Argentina winning it really.

Also, how do England have better odds than Portugal?
Ranieri has left Nantes
Not that it needs saying but Griezmann is some boy
Milner retired though (but should be there over Delph)

Cahill over literally all the other options is astounding though, he's been dogshit this season.
It's so clear that there's big club bias in his inclusion, if he was at Watford/Stoke/Palace and had played like he has then he'd be nowhere near.
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Lallana isn't in so that's wrong.

How the fuck is Delph in there? Don't really see why Cahill is there either, there's plenty of other choices at CB. Not sure Welbeck is a great choice but I can't really think of many other options in that position and he's been in better form over the last 6 weeks.
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The chairman of the club tried to suspend the entire matchday squad who lost to Atletico Madrid in the Europa League earlier this season too.

The entire club is a state, apparently Dost got injured enough to be ruled out of the cup final they have this weekend. He's scored 34 goals this season and apparently that means he deserves a beating

Hope the players can break their contracts and the league rules that they have to play every home game in an empty stadium next season, would teach those 'fans' and the chairman a lesson.
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Finished 2,234th overall in fantasy football in the end, by far my best ever season and probably the best I’ll ever do too

Realised I finished like 200 points behind and had a terrible season

I'm gonna pull a Liverpool and start talking hopefully about next year

Also, Tuchel finallllyyyy announced, interested to see how he's gonna make the midfield actually function and if Cavani is still going to have a place in the team
Twitter seems to think Arteta is the new Arsenal manager.

Would be great scenes if it was true.

Also, Lascelles signed a 6 year contract this season, good luck getting him out of Newcastle.
He’s super marketable still and is their top scorer so I can see how they’re doing it but they’d never get that in Europe
Ideally Huddersfield fuck off

Also, I think Dua Lipa is the one with the song with something about rules in it, don't follow the charts though
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great news guys dua lipa will be playing before the champions league final

Well all the football fans who weren't going to watch before will now surely be keen to see such a delightful spectacle  
Great day of football in the Championship
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They'd never have been in this position if they'd kept Pulis

Don't know if taking the piss or not but it's probably true tbf, although Hughes did make them a better team he just doesn't have a record of being able to keep it going long-term.

West Brom would probably not be where they are either if they'd kept him.

Palace are a weird one cause if you look at their players they should be top half but they keep getting absolute pony managers. Zaha, Benteke, Townsend should be a quality front three really but Benteke is barely a footballer now and Rafa seems to be the only manager that's ever made Townsend consistent. 
Hahahahahahaha bye Stoke

Bet he'd rather have SHARIA than VAR.

I’d only be ‘happy’ with Man Utd winning or Arsenal winning out of the big teams and Man Utd would only be because of Mourinho, not the club or supporters etc
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Robertson is a really good player. I'd definitely take him at Newcastle as competition for Dummett

Lived in LIverpool for a year so he's probably worth even less than £8m now.
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When Chelsea won last, it was a victory for English football and all that jazz. Even with the rivalry, it feels like their win will be used as a redemptive topic for the PL as a whole.

English football isn't in such a poor condition that it needs that sort of redemption, I think the main reason the Chelsea victory was celebrated in the media was to do with the victory against Barca, the fact Chelsea had looked a shambles and out of that managed to achieve their ultimate goal and the comeback victory of the final itself.

Italian football and French football are much more in need of European trophies to show that they can still produce powerhouses (more so in the case of Italy, as France has never really produced any form of consistent success at European level)

I can't really see any fans of top PL sides celebrating a Liverpool win due to the fact there's now a competitive rivalry between them and the Manchester clubs + Tottenham alongside the likelihood that Arsenal and Chelsea fans would be jealous/frustrated at their own clubs' stagnation
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Gini has scored away from home

Still hasn't done it in the English game
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Wouldn't you be celebrating?

Why would a Man Utd fan celebrate Liverpool winning?

EDIT: And it's over.
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It’s up to clubs to decide if a player they loan out can play against them.

Not in Europe, Chelsea tried to stop Atletico playing Courtois against them and lost cause UEFA rules and individual league rules are different.

Think loan players can play against their parent clubs, seem to remember some of Barca's players going up against them. PL rules state they can never play against parents clubs though
Horrible wanting Liverpool to win the final just cause Madrid have got there in such a scummy way, so much time wasting and theatrics
Mathematically safe today
Can’t believe Wijnaldum starts for Liverpool (I know you’ve got injuries but even so)
Might actually end up buying a football top for once if they're gonna look that good
Malky Mackay would probably be willing enter talks
This can only mean one thing...

Malky Mackay's time has come to lead Arsenal to eternal glory
This made me lol a lot (I know it's not the FM thread, shush )


Hope Bayern knock Madrid out
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Also isnt Marseille v Lyon a 'bad' rivalry in France?

The EL final is in Lyon and Marseille may well win it That should be fun

Yeah, that wouldn't go down too well
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On another note, Sunderland are fucked now

Won't be long before back to back relegations are confirmed

8 adrift with 18 to play for so it’ll probably be done in 3 or less
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Thank u spurs

Draw your other game in hand please

It’s against us so good luck with that
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win pls

Darron Gibson released by Sunderland.

Who'd have thought?
Looks likely Ray Wilkins is going to pass away, apparently he's suffered cardiac arrest and is now in a coma
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Fuck off out of our country then pal

I want to
I started cheering Brazil on against England at the 2002 World Cup when I was 6 and I've wanted them to win every tournament since so yet again I'll be hoping they do well.

Would also find it entertaining if France won, fairly certain France vs Brazil is a possible/likely semi-final though.
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I still think we would have won 2004, if only Rooney hadn't got sent off. If we'd beaten Portugal we'd have gone all the way.

2006 we played terribly, but again were within a penalty of the semis. Didnae deserve to get that far, though.

2008 was the last time we didn't qualify, right? 2010 was when we got tanked by Germany in round 2, 2012 Italy tanked us 0-0 and beat us on pens, 2014 out in the group stage... what did we do last time?

I thought the VAR decision was as soft as all sheeeeeyite. 

Last time we lost to Iceland in the first match after group stage