Should be forced to play Sissoko for 90 minutes in 3 games, would be more of a punishment
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The NBC stream has shown Salah's goal with an offside line about 5 times now despite the goal being absolutely clearly onside.

Best bit is when they show the line across the defence even though the ball is about 6 foot ahead of everyone so he could be well ahead of them and still comfortably onside.

Declan Rice is giving it a really good go for worst player of the season, bringing all his momentum in from last season. He's truly awful.

Anderson looks a bit lightweight too so far but it's still early days.  
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buying for £20m isnt a loan m8

Thought Trouser's comment was from this page
Joe Bryan's passed a medical, taken pictures with the shirt and signed his contract at Villa and then sped off down to London to join Fulham instead with his agent saying the contract doesn't stand
We can't loan any more players from English clubs so anyone linking us with that sort of thing is bullshitting
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Would’ve been interesting to see a cash + Courtois offer. Piss off Real and force Courtois to lose face if he didn’t accept the move.

If he wants to go to live in Madrid so badly and still loves Atletico so much then he'd have to accept or admit that he just wants the Real move
Surprised Chelsea haven’t made a serious move for Oblak. I’d assume they put out feelers and realised it was impossible
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if juventus never had to play against real again i would be okay with that

You'll have Ronaldo soon though
Nkunku is going to be mad good this season
Doesn't feel like the Community Shield is tomorrow, strange that the league is so close already
Bordeaux had announced they had reached a deal with Roma and that Malcolm would travel for a medical.

Roma announced they were signing him and that he was on his way.

Barca made an offer as he was travelling to the airport in Bordeaux.

Bordeaux rang Roma and told them the deal was off unless they matched Barca’s offer

Roma matched Barca’s offer and reached a second agreement with Bordeaux the next day.

Barca offered double the wages that Roma were offering so Malcolm forces a transfer to them.

Roma be mad at Bordeaux, Barca and Malcolm and decide to figure out who they can sue for it
3 Richarlisons or 1 Mbappe.

Tough decision there
Surely Puel will be the first sacked? He’s lost Mahrez so that’ll hamstring him and they’ve supposedly been one game away from sacking him multiple times. The owners sacked Ranieri after he won the league so they’ve got previous in that sort of thing too.

Can see them having a slow start and booting him pretty quick.
Think the fantasy football thing is up and running already btw
Premier League winner: Man City  
Premier League top 4 (specify if in order): Man City, Man Utd, Liverpool, Tottenham (in order)
Premier League relegated: Cardiff, Watford, Huddersfield  

Championship promotion: Stoke, Middlesbrough, Leeds  

1st Premier League manager sacked: Puel  
Premier League top scorer (pick two): Salah/Kane  

La Liga winner: Barcelona
Bundesliga winner: Bayern Munich  
Ligue 1 winner: PSG  
Serie A winner: Juventus 
Eredivisie winner: Ajax    

Champions League winner: Man City 
Europa League winner: Arsenal
It is really hard when it's been a decade of this ownership. 

Loads of other teams have had shit owners but generally it all falls apart quickly enough and they fuck off (See AC Milan etc.), rare that they have to sit through 10 years that looks like it could go on for another 10 without anything changing.

It makes us awful to follow too because despite the emotional attachment there's no progress, no ambition, no entertainment. Just a constant stagnation and determination to stamp out any form of hope for anything better. I don't even follow our transfer rumours now because even if we attempt to sign someone and actually achieve it then it'll be some third rate cast-off from a relegation team or a lucky hand-out on loan from a big club that we'll never pay the going rate for if they turn out to be decent.

I'm barely even excited to see us again this season because I know it'll be Rafa trying his best to stop us losing/conceding whilst working with a patchwork squad, and then at the end of it we'll finish somewhere in the bottom half, having gone out of both cups early on, before Benitez says that unfortunately he feels it's time for him to move on.
Fucking hell

'European Premier League'
'His greatest asset is his powerful right leg'
'Rooney has scored more than 200 career goals with his right leg'
'Unleashing his heavy shot'
'Finessing shots'
'Slight stature' (just a lol cause it's Rooney)
I took half a shift as holiday so I could watch it and it's all I've looked forward to all day
France, parce que Mbappe est le meilleur joueur en tout du monde, et aussi parce qu'il agaçait Megano28, le plus grande admirateur de Croatia.
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Because in terms of Media coverage, the Croatians weren't thinking about what kit they'd wear in the final after progressing to the round of 16

Thank fuck you're a Croatian in Croatia reading and watching all the Croatian media so you can say this.

Also, how dare a country be excited, everyone should know their place and the finals should only ever be Germany/Spain/Argentina/Brazil. If anyone else ever dares to advance they should immediately cede their place to one of those four and hang their heads in shame.

Germany had to beat Mexico/South Korea/Sweden and instead managed to finish bottom of their group.
Argentina scraped through their group and fell at the first hurdle.
Spain scraped through their group and then lost to the lowest ranked team in the competition
Portugal did similar and then fell at the first hurdle.

Was England meant to petition FIFA and demand that we play all the 'good' teams that went out?

We could only play what we were drawn against and we did well against them, unlike those mentioned above, as it stands this world cup may still be our second greatest result ever and our greatest in 52 years. 

If delusion is celebrating that then that's fine. No-one is under the impression that we did beat the aforementioned teams or teams of similar quality, but as it is we did do better than all of them and that's nothing to be ashamed of.
Why's no-one said anything about Croatia's draw?

They had Denmark and then Russia (the lowest rated team), went to penalties against both and then scraped past England via the virtue of extra-time for the third game running, hardly the groundbreaking run people are somehow now making it out to be...
Shaqiri to Liverpool
Ritchie to Stoke
Townsend to Newcastle
Antonio to Palace
Anderson to West Ham

Dat chain.
Saw him linked to Fenerbahce and thought we may as well try to take him on loan.

We need someone in his position, he knows the club, and given time under Rafa might even perform in away games.
Can't really see why wouldn't at least see if it could happen, only thing is if bigger clubs that play in Europe come in for him from abroad.
Something something le foot c'est retourner la maison
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what he is showing as a 19 year old is incredible, worth the hype right now imo

even if he only ends up having a good career like a pires or hazard type player then the hype will have been worth it

personally i think he'll end up more at an henry level than a ronaldo/messi level though

He’s like a hybrid of Henry and Ronaldo Fenomeno. He might not hit the numbers that Cristiano and Messi have but judging by his current level he could establish himself as the best of an entire generation
In other news we've signed Kenedy on loan for the season, with an option to buy.

Clearly couldn't resist our away top
I’d buy it cause I’m willing to spend that much but the quality of Puma kits is woeful compared to Adidas and Nike so I won’t for that reason.

Going to look brilliant on the pitch though, and we’ve got the red numbers on the home kit again
Feels good knowing that Belgium go out the World Cup today
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Worst game of the tournament by a mile. Two absolute dogshite teams

Not convinced it was as bad as Denmark vs France tbf
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newcastle apparently been harboring nonces

Probably got Belgian blood, we're literally selling off all three of the players we signed from the Belgian league too.
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My dude you could invent a new first letter of the alphabet and that still won't be the squad to beat this Brazil.

Look PAL, I'm not trying to be funny here but Brazil wouldn't even get a look in against Belgium's C team, it's a GOLDEN GENERATION and that's that.

Belgium have enticed the trophy into the back of their van like it's a small child and it's not going to be seen until it's found in a shallow grave in Qatar in 4 years time, end of.
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Can't wait for Brazil to kick some English butt in the final

Nah, the final is going to be Belgium As vs Belgium Bs
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That was a practice game.

And you lost to our C squad

Literally the World Cup game we played against you guys the other day.

Can't believe you'd just make up a result without any evidence and claim Belgium are better.

Some people eh...
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We are better then England, its quite simple.

But you lost to us?

England 1-0 Belgium, Fabian Delph got a 3 yard tap in.

How do you not remember this?
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England isn't worth anything dude, be prepared to cry tommorow.

We literally beat you guys 1-0 the other day but you still think you're better than us?
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Also absolutely baffled at how Firmino still isn't a starter for Brazil

This so much. He always has such a massive impact off the bench and I don't think it's just down to being a super-sub, it's because he's more suited to the team and a better player.

Also, Mr. Ben Arfa is off to Dortmund, who are my new #3 favourite club if they do sign him. 
Yay, more Neymar salt.

Meanwhile he's grabbed a goal and an assist. 

Can criticise his reaction but surely the focus should be an the violent conduct from the Mexican, the fact VAR didn't review for some reason, and the fact the ref didn't hand out a red? None of that suits the agenda though cause then there's less time to hate
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England is nowhere near Man City in this comparison though. The closest equivalent in terms of mentality and ability would be Arsenal. And they absolutely would be given shit if they tried botching results to get an easier path to the final.

He meant Newcastle were England and Man City were Brazil :

Whereas I'm sure Newcastle would rather get Everton in the cup (i.e. Colombia) 
Quote by Shabalaba Watched a bit of the game but we looked pretty awful and it was a second string side, so wasn't interested in seeing the game through.  It was a no lose (or win) game for Southgate. Win and we carry a bit more momentum into the knockouts but have the harder tree. Losing increases the pressure because its the easier side of games, but they are undeniably easier games. He'd be criticised either way.   Thing is, he's catching flack for it but it's a really ballsy decision by him. If we had beaten them and go onto be knocked out by Brazil (hypothetically), it's a no risk scenario for him (& the players) because that's what people expect. Putting us into this tree increases the expectation on the players to go a little further.  I'm not fussed either way to be honest. As long as Dier, Jones, and Delph aren't anywhere near that starting eleven next game I'm happy. Rashford too tbh.

If he'd won and then we'd gone out to Brazil but Belgium made it all the way to the semis then surely people would have criticised him for winning that game instead of tactically playing for the easier draw though?
Literally a no win/no lose depending on what mood the media are in on any given day
Tbf if England won the World Cup via the ‘easy’ route I doubt anyone would give a fuck about the mentality or gaining respect from other countries.

The winning goal could go in off Harry Maguire’s left arse cheek and that’d still be plenty.

Also, ideally Senegal get a last minute equaliser and we’ll draw but out-yellow Belgium so they have to play Colombia and we get Senegal.