To remind it us what it means to be free:

Just found this on the youtube, enjoy y'all.
To remind us what it means to free.

Just found this on Youtube, y'all - enjoy.

Going to see the Dead Kennedys tonight. Hope they're still good.
^ Good shout, bro

Sign me up as my new alter ego, Hurlington P. Charleston - Europe
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surely since you didn't steal anything or assist a costumer in stealing anything, the most they'll do is tell you that you shouldn't bring inventory out of the store again.


You might've broken company policy or whatevs, but you were going out of your way to help customers.
Aw nice, glad to see I'm still an internet celebrity.

If anyone remembers SS311, he lives in London now so we've met up for beers a couple of times and reminisced about how we spent far too much of our lives posting on guitar forums.
Digging the tunes and recordings, the glue man!

This band are from DC:

I think that Pizza Party is one of the greatest songs ever written, I stumbled across them when I was googling for pictures of Kittens playing Ice Hockey.

I'd really like to make a cartoon show about a kitten ice hockey team.

It makes sense when you think about it, because the captain could be called Mario Le Mew. There would be an enforcer on the team but to send out a positive message to the kids he'd be a gentle giant who threw tea parties.

Also, the show would promote diversity through positive stereotypes, and the kittens would be awarded a trophy each week just for participating. And there'd be Kitten Snacks as an incentive to play harder, kind of like Scooby Snacks in the popular Hanna Barbera cartoon Scooby Doo (1969).
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Just listened to your song. Can totally see the influences in there. What do you record with? We just ordered a Focusrite Scarlet 80i8 interface to record with and we're all somewhat new to the recording process.

Sidenote, I wish UG was more like Reddit.

I have a little Pro Tools LE rig in my bedroom, and record drums with a tiny bit of guitar leak, then overdub on top of that. But keeping it as live as you can works better because you get more energy that way.
I like the Bananarchists a lot. Great name, and chock full of attitude.
I put a Marc-Andre Fleury sticker on my car.

Now it keeps choking.
Hi everyone.

I quite am enjoying DS2, although I don't really like the way that elemental vs scaling weapons has gone. I liked it in Demon's Souls when adding fire to a weapon removed ALL scaling, that had a good balance because it was only more effective than the optimised weapon for your class when fighting an enemy that was specifically fire-weak.

My preference playing souls games is to use magic-based builds getting a balance between pure INT and hybrid INT builds, so I made both an enchanted and a magic longsword (love the moveset!), but even with 50 INT they were pale in comparison to the fire longsword you find right at the start of DS2.
Cheers dude, I don't listen to any of those things any more 'cause they're not that great and remind me of how I used to be all arrogant and stuff. And probably still am.

I've got a garage punk album that's pretty much finished apart from the vocals but I've been 'working' on it for the last 2 years so can't really picture it being done any time soon.

There are some of the very rough, very raw, badly played demos on youtube if you'd like a listen:

Apart from that I'm doing a coast hardcore style thing with a seriously talented rhythm section, it's very casual but I think they want to do some gigs in the near future. I need to knuckle down and write some OK music for this, but for now we've just been jamming a few riffs and that's worked out fairly well, even if I am doing a complete East Bay Ray, Greg Ginn and Deniz Tek rip off for the most part.

They wanted me to be the singer but I don't want to do it and I need someone else to write lyrics because mine are invariably about mice and evil penguins and bacon parasites.
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Also, I'm starting a rehearsal space and hopefully acquire recording equipment. Gonna charge bands to play there for 4 hour sets. What is something people would like to see at a practice space that they pay for? Equipment, room setup, cost, etc.

Good luck buddy.

You should consider including Margarita making facilities.

I was really pleased that my beloved Jamie Benn made team Canada!
I used to love Cocksparrer, but eventually lost interest in 'em and now I mostly listen to Night Birds.
Sorry to digress, but Victoria's hair is actually shiny from doing Bukake films.

Which, incidentally TS, is something you should also be doing in the boardroom to win over record company executives.
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I really doubt all of these 25 will go. Someone will get injured. Then it gets really interesting.

Burke's 4 favourite words: pugnacity, truculence, Johnson, dream.

Brian Burke sure loves the Johnson.

Anyone know when Canada are announcing their squad?
What up guys, does anyone have any ideas for band names?

Preferably offensive ones.

I know there's an official 'what should i call my band' thread somewhere but I don't want to read through loads of boring names like Chase the Parade and Subkill.
^ I think a lot of the blame for Cut the Crap can be attributed to Bernie Rhodes' writing/production as well.

Mick Jones got a Burton suit
He thinks it's funny
Turning rebellion into money
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Not playing music, incidentally, is not an impediment to starting a hardcore band.


It's one of those things that's funny because it's pretty much true.
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Seeing The Boys and The Lurkers on Saturday and in November Oi Polloi and TV Smith with the Bored Teenagers playing Adverts.

I think Mat once said he saw The Bored Teenagers....

I saw TV Smith with the Valentines as the backing group playing the whole Red Sea album plus a few other tracks including the song he wrote for Lords of the New Church. Really good show. Gaye Advert was in the audience but doesn't play any more.

I don't play any more either but am starting a hardcore band.
Not sure about all the details, but I think that it'd be geared around the exploits of Bryan Cranston collecting pogs. Hilarity ensues.
You should check the Partisans, really good band.

Not technically an Oi! band but they are pretty street/UK82. They were on one of the Strength Thru Oi! compilations.
Hi guys, anyone play ice or inline hockey?

I did inline when I was a kid, and am hoping to start up again if I can find skates that fit in the UK!
I don't really like reformed Black Flag, I think that Greg was great early on, the later stuff is too hit-or-miss and the vast majority of his solo output is unlistenable.

I'm not advocating Flag either though. The only good thing Keith's done since his stint in Black Flag was Midget Handjob, I don't care for the circle jerks and Off! was pretty bad also. Worse still, Flag's lineup includes Dez Cadena and Dez Cadena is a hack and should be killed.

Black Flag really captured that post-adolescent anger with the world, better than anything else I think and no offense to them but middle aged guys aren't going to be able to recreate that.

Slightly unrelated but the most interesting thing Black Flag related to come out in the last few years for me was Kira's 2-bass project with Mike Watt. Sh*t was soo ca$h.
I'm sure they'll still be proud.

I got a 2:2 and felt bad because everyone else in my family has a PhD, but they were still pleased.

It's not like you failed outright or got a degree sans honours. Even though it's not a 1st class or a 2:1 it's still a big achievement.
I use 7A graphite sticks, the biggest advantage is that I've never been able to break one, whereas I go through wooden sticks like there's no tomorrow. They don't cost more than mid to high price wooden sticks, so they are cost effective.

I personally don't mind the sound, but they sound less 'organic' than using wooden sticks, which have more of a natural resonance. The graphite sticks make cymbals sound more harsh and less musical, wheres with wooden sticks cymbals to me sound a bit more harmonically rich and less brittle.
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Hi everyone.

Is that GIF Paul Martin?

I've been following the Stars this abbreviated season, because of Jaromir Jagr, and also because of Ray Whitney.
/join please.
Thanks for the assistance guys,

I started again as a sorcerer guy called Mouse, and put lots of points into INT and a few into VIT, and made a Spear+5. Cleared the depths fairly easily, the mouthdragon took a couple of attempts because the first time I forgot to revive so I missed the Lautrec and Solaire summon signs, who were pretty useful for distracting the boss for the first half of the fight, until they died, while I whittled its HP down with soul arts.

am now struggling a bit with blighttown which reminds me of 5-1 in Demon's Souls (apart from the monster noises which I think are exactly the same as the bugs in the 3-2 swamp) but currently have a +2 magic spear and +2 magic longsword which I am digging both of. I like the spear more for areas I haven't cleared yet, but prefer the longsword on familiar enemy mobs as its slightly more powerful with my stats and has a more versatile moveset.
Hi everyone,

I've been trying to do a successful play of Dark Souls for a while though but haven't been having much luck so figured I'd post here.

I'm a big Demon's Souls fan and haven't enjoyed Dark Souls as much, although a lot of the aspects are a lot better, such as the lack of nexus and the covenants and the more in-depth equipment customizing (it's almost on par with Vagrant Story!)

Anyways, my most recent play was the most sucessful one, I finally beat the Capra Demon (killed the dogs then poisoned him then ran around and threw a few fireballs.) I picked the Pyromancer for the fire glove hand and put a few points into everything so I could use the soul arrow and longbow and also use the Straightsword of Astora, I liked it more than the Drake Sword because the R2 attacks were better, also I got it to +2 quickly.

Anyways yeah, I was just wondering what would be a better strategy than making a character that did a bit of everything but had no real strengths? My favourite weapon type in Demon's Souls was the spear because of the defensive attack and the reach so I'd like to incorporate that side of things in, but also have decent ranged capability and an armour set with a midroll and some poise.

I don't really do the whole PvP thing so it'd just be an effective strategy for the regular game. I've looked on a few sites to see people's builds but it looks like people are favouring greatswords and 2h and stuff which I don't really like doing because I get panic attacks.
Hi TS,

I don't think you're conventionally handsome ie. the characteristics that society deems appealing, but you have a good charisma and aura, and I think that counts for a hell of a lot more.

Also, if you went hardcore at the gym you'd look like Evgeni Malkin. Just sayin'
Here is a picture of me playing at the Twelve Bar Club in London, Engaland yesterday.

It is in a road called Denmark Street which is full of guitar shops. The Sex Pistols used to rehearse there, and members of the Clash and Bowie would hang out there. And the Rolling Stones recorded some of their early material just across the road.