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Why though? Squier is just a name - the Vintages are better guitars and also cheaper, there's no point spending more than you have to when you're starting ou...the £100 you save can go towards your US strat you buy next year

I suppose...

Hes right
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Just post stories of funny/weird/strange new kids at your school that came and went in a short time period, but shall always be remembered for some reason or another. Heres my story::

This kid showed up that happened to be in my 2nd period Social Studies Class. We'll call him "Bob."
Bob was strange from the start because, well, Bob was a wigger.
He always talked all "gangsta" and made up crazy stories. He looked really average other than his dress which consisted of giant t-shirts and chains and GIANT fake diamond earrings. He moved in from North Carolina, but he called it North Cacka-lacka. HE always talked about how he was the "king of his streets" and sold drugs and hos like nuthin". HE even said his dad got shot "like seventy times" We went along with it and joked with him.

Turns out he got caught sellin percosets and loritabs and is now in juvey...did not see that comin, we though he was bullcrappin us from the start.

I think that paragraph may be the msot american thing I've seen...For a minute I coudn't figure out what you said...

So share your stories!!

I think that paragraph may be the most american thing I've seen...For a minute I coudn't figure out what you said...
Now I'm sure that most people would agree with me here; this is a sort of quality line:

Squier Bullet Stratocaster
****. Low end Squier.

Squier Affinity Stratocaster
****, bt less **** than the bullet.

Squier Standard Stratocaster.

Squier Deluxe Stratocaster.
Start of the high end Squiers.

I'm not to sure where vintage squiers lie though.

Dunno about the colour though. I need to know this as well, just incase anybody knows. (compared with the donutman's guitar)


K, maybe not...
Bck to the Pit I go...

Okay, I've noticed that the song I am hated - Slipknot sounds a lot like this song by girls aloud that I cannot remember. It has the same sort of fast talking/singing bit. They sound the same in this way with the same sort of beat, even though they are very very different.

Anybody know what this song is that I'm talking about? And any other 2 songs that are similar but different?

EDIT: This is the slipknot song
I just tried to post a message, and it said 502 bad gateway...Anyone else with problems with the site?


On a more serious note,

That usually lifts people's moods.
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Its not bad, could do better on ebay. But over all you could do worse.
Delete your other thread/

Yeah, just did.
For the whole time I've een at this great site, especially this forum, I've been told to steer clear of those cheap bass packs.. But this one has grabbed my eye...


Both bass and amp are in your FAQ, so they are respectable first time pieces of equipment for a neat little price. It comes with gig bag, which quality isn't a massive issue, as long as it keeps the bass covered, and the cables could be easily replaced if they are rubbish, but would still work. I like it, and it may just have snatched me. It also saves me from buying each component seperately, and keeping the price under.

What do you guys think?

Also, anybody know wany books I can rely heavily on for my source of learning that'll be at my local Waterstones (bookshop), as I don't want lessons. I like Bass guitar for dummies, but I need something that'll not just start me off but keep me going through my bass career to be.

Anything appreciated
No mate, you got it all wrong. ITS ALL ABOUT THE PAKISTANI CURRIES. Better than an other indian I've had.
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By memorising the major scale formula, T - T - S - T - T - T - S
T = Tone
S = Semitone

I hope this helps

But scales and keys are differnet, right?
Either telling me, or links to helpful sites with this.
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Canon rock
Heart burst into fire-BFMV
Motivation-Sum 41
What's my age again-Blink 182
I want you bad-The Offspring

Sometimes I wonder why they put some of the songs they put in there, like "pride and joy".

What the ufck is wrong with pride and joy? Better than ****ing "through the fire and flames"
You dont learn easy songs, its drums for gods sake. Your hitting skin covered barrels with sticks for **** sake!!
Do you turn on that bass booster and check out the bassline, or listen to it as a whole and why?

Also, tips for hearing bass in a song, I have decent headphones, and turned the bass booster on, anything else wud be appreciated
what do these do? do these allow you to change pickups ? if so whats the point in pick up selecters then?
Just before you say anything, I have posted in the metal reccomendation thread, but seeing as the last person posted at 6:18 AM this morning, I doubt I'll get many responses soon, and I'm in the upbeat mood..

Anyways, I'm in a upbeat "get the blood rushing" metal sort of mood.

Can you guys give me some stuff like Metallica's cyanide, upbeat blood rush metal.

And I'm in the upbeat mood now, so thats why I'm also asking here, althoguh I did post n that other thread.
Need stuff like Metallica's cyanide upbeat metal, like get my blood rushing etc.
Song, I mean XD
What is he playing at 0:11?

(Song, but finding oyut what the bass was was helpful guys.)
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60/(tempo marking)=seconds

should help you out, I think this it what you meant

by tempo marking you mean bpm?
If 60 is 1 second, 120 is hald a second, whats a expression we could use to find out the duration of a beat?
Guys, Help me! I need tips for halo 3 on legendary (Yes, I have had it for freaking 2 years and I still haven't done it), I know its a **** lot easier on co op, but tips for playing on my own?
Penis Penis Penis Penis Penis Penis

They are by far better people.

Dang it, I'm gonna get raped aren't I?
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Ok, this is stupid, and I am getting offended by it, its just racism, and racism isn't funny.

**** the person who thinks it is.
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So... they changed "It had outsold Michael Jackson" (almost 1 billion album sales) to "It had outsold Kelly Clarkson" (less than 20 million sales... according to wikipedia).

... just a random thing I noticed


Yeah... this

It took me ages to work out what the **** that was
"our drummer???" Drummers aren't people, they're slaves that are rather brutish. Seriously, speak to him in slurred words, he'll understand that if he doesn't understand that you don't want to play that song.
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Because musicians wear pants

sir you just made my day...
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Shakespearean insults tend to stimulate the internal prose erectus :

You are a shallow cowardly hind, and you lie.
Hence rotten thing! Or I shall shake thy bones out of thy garments.
Thou burly-boned scurvy-valiant flirt-gill!
Draw thy tool. My naked weapon is out.
Thou villainous unchin-snouted puttock!
Thou wimpled unwash'd pigeon-egg!

Sir,may I F*** thee?

What the ****?
Okay, I'm not quite sure why that thread was closed, but I still need cheering up..

Cheer me up with your jokes and funny ****, pit.
After my ****tty day, if anyone saw that other thread, I thought I'd try and do halo 3 on legendary.... Turns out I can do **** all on my own, but its so ****ing easy whe nI'm with my mate doing it.
Today was a pretty **** day..

So it started off like any other day, wake up, go to school etc. However, near the end of school, there was a massive rumour going around that I'm a pervert who looks up girl's skirts. This is NOT true, and the person who made the rumour up is really popular, so everyone is going to believe him, because thats how ****ed up society is, or at least our society. So tomorrow, I am going to get mauled with abuse, verbal and most likely physical, and everyone taking the piss out of me, and the chances are from now on I'm going to be known as a pervert...Usually, I can take this sort of thing, but I've had enough of that person who started it all off. He has it in for me, and I know that he hates me, and the last thing I need to be doing is telling every single person that comes across me that I'm not perverted. Also, to make it worse, hee's going to tell some girl that I looked her up.. She'll probably go nuts and kill me, I'll be the most hated person ever...

This is where you come in, Pit. I need you to cheer me up with suggestions of what/how I should take all these people taking the piss, funny or serious, give me songs to listen to that will make me happy, or anything really, that will ighten me up, because I'm feeling pretty down...
Are you by any chance whatsoever feeling lonely?
I see nothing...
Tv links did. Im not sure if it still does or not. Or, this is a bit illegal, but torrent them, get limewire or something.

Sorry if I didn't help.

Speaking of streaming tv shows, I had this site bookmarkes where you can watch every dragonballz episode
When you click new thread, whats the worst that could happen?
The last one is and justice for all
I'll give that a 5 on the ****ed up meter.
I've got guitar pro 5, I want to make a drum beat on it, but I've only got a small selection. When I download songs for guitarpro, it comes with a whole lot of drum sounds, how do I get these drum sounds when I make my own?