Dammit. So I should take the music reading class first?
Hi guys, I'm tryin to get into a classical guitar class at my community college but I need to audition. I've been playin two years and can play a few things, but I can't read music. Do you think i'll need to be able to read sheet music for my audition?

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8. But you have sinister eye brows.

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8 if you're the guy on the left, 4 if you're the guy on the right
i once had a rabbit and it got scared for some reason and made this really high pitched sound and scared the sh*t out of me
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if she is hot bang her and i think a flight of the conchords song would work nicely maybe chorus of ex girlfriends (carol brown)

but of course
hey guys, i met a girl who's a pretty good singer and she wants me to do an open mic night for her at a local coffeehouse thing. i've been playing guitar two years and she's willing to help me train my voice. do you guys have any suggestions for good duets at an open mic night?


guy/girl + acoustic guitar duet suggestions for open mic night?
singers. they're so overrated. get all the womenz too
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TL;DR: Is anyone else worried about the future of the show?

Some minor "The Office" spoilers included.

Recently, the television series The Office broke the "safe" rule of television. You see, in normal American television most series have a formula where in the program a problem is presented and before the show closes everything basically goes back to the way things were. The Office had two permenant changes this season. Jim was promoted to Co-Manager of the Scranton branch and the characters Jim and Pam got married. As both of these episodes caused hilarious situations, I feel like there's not enough room for the show to expand. All the characters feel fully developed, like their purpose already happened.

If you look back to earlier episodes, the show lacked much continuity. Every episode was just another funny day in the office. However, even then there were many things going on. Jim becoming in love with Pam, while Pam was dating her other boyfriend. I thought that the show was going to hit a creative stump, and that's what happened in the most recent episode. The whole episode was basically reliterating that Pam was angry with Michael. The whole Dwight v Jim scenario is kind of over, considering Jim is now Dwight's boss and he can tell Dwight to do anything.

The point is, now to make the show more interesting more changes must be made. Perhaps a story line of Dwight leaving, or Pam getting fired, or maybe Jim and Pam starting to fight.

It just feels like there is no where else to go.

Does anyone agree?

this post combined with your avatar leads me to believe that you really need something to do with your free time
i hate it when my yellow button sticks, it completely screws up my combo multiplier

you gotta kick that cancer right out yo granny, its the only way
banned for starting this thread
bassists that think they have to double what the lead guitarist is doing down to the note
my eyes are brown. like a deer in winter.

or like p00p
it looks like your camera is 140+ years old aswell

...oh wait
that was a horrible movie and i hate you for reminding me about it. good day sir
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Now, the question is, does it really matter?




oh and L2DesCartes
you're just an annoying kid really. someone tried to be nice and make conversation and you were a douche. aren't you cool
^no thats a black peg.

i really wish some people read before they posted
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TS, could you upload some better images of the guitar? I'd like to get a better look at it You should play it and see what it sounds like, there's no reason to not touch it. Though be gentle with it, as that is how those guitars were played back then - very gently, and plucking the strings with your fingers - playing with a plectrum or just strumming chords isn't going to do it justice.

Is there any name anywhere on the guitar? When you get more information on it and a value, please update!

i'll let you know when i get some more information. i can't get better pictures right now, but i'll see if i can borrow a better camera eventually

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Cool. What do the stickers say on the case? Because they seem to be from some recent metal band, or something.

they're worn out but they're the kind of stickers that Wells Fargo put on luggage when it was transported by stagecoach
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It's missing one of its little plastic string plug nugget things.

no thats a black one, it was replaced somewhere down the line
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if you get it appraised and it doesnt turn out to be worth very much, would you still sell it? (read: can I buy it?)

whats the top made of? and does it have any markings on the the inside of the soundhoel that'd indicate a year/ who it was made by?

im not 100% sure yet, but after i get it looked at i'll post here again to give an update
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Becuase the 70s is recent, I replace my strings every 30-40 years aswell

well seeing as the guitar is at least 140 years old, and probably older, i'd say that the 70's was fairly "recent"

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Are u guys doin this on purpose or are u really so f**kin retarded?!!

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better pics please.

sorry, my camera really sucks
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Does the headstock say anything?

no there no wrting anywhere

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Smash it and show how hardcore you are.....

Nah ,does it play well?

lol, it sounds nice for the 2 seconds it stays in tune

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it looks like a classical guitar to me not an acoustic

it is a classical guitar
this one time at work, i convinced i guy to sign up for one of our credit cards. after the process and everything, he was approved so his total for what he was buying so it was applied to the new credit card he just opened. i guess he didnt know it was a credit card or whatever so he got really pissed when i told him i couldnt cancel it and he'd have to call and let them know he wanted to close the card. he got so mad that he yelled really loudly, "i don't want a f*cking credit card!" and actually punted his bag so hard it hit the big store window at the front.

i thought it was pretty entertaining
here's the backstory:

my great aunt has got it when she was 15, she's 65 now. it was given to her by her boss at the time. he was 90 when he gave it to her, and it belonged to his mother. i don't know when his mother came into possession of the guitar but i know that the guitar has to be at the very least 140 years old. it lookes like someone replaced the strings fairly recently(she told me that she hasn't opened the case since the 70s so maybe thats when they were replaced) i think i'll take it to get it appraised soon. im thinking its either going to be worth absolutely nothing or worth quite a lot.

anyway heres a couple pics

you just gave the "logical" explanation in your post sir.

the narcissism gives the air of confidence and women will be drawn to a man with confidence no matter what age. the humiliation of others, while it is a dick move, serves its purpose. it points out the flaws in others while drawing away the attention of the guy doing the humiliating. this makes him look better than he really is. and as for the "hump and dump" -ing and the girl still wanting them around. this might make the girl seem like she needs to try harder to keep him around. no girl wants a guy who offers no challenge.
^he was in the playlist before this thread was ever made
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If you want to be annoyed beyond all reason at the beach, you can listen to ska. I mean, really?

its just fitting for the mood. im mixing all kinds of stuff and you guys have been a huge help. thanks
Why, what's wrong with The Beach Boys? I reckon they'd be perfect for a date as they can be comical to non-listeners and may score you points for that and because they're just amazing!

idk im not too against it, its just that i think they're a little overplayed and the high voices get on my nerves after too long
haha thanks for the reggae/ska references. im thinking of mixing some of that with some newer rock stuff too.
Hi everyone, havent been on in forever.
Anyways to the point; im going to the beach with a girl tomorrow. this'll be our first date and i've got everything planned but i need some music for while we're there. what do you guys think is good "beach music" not so much Beach Boys really. newer stuff. it doesnt have to be very relaxed but "I cum blood" is a little too heavy.

i hate bands with political messages. even if the music is really good, its just hard to keep listening to them
December 2012
so i have a buddy who loves pink floyd and im trying to get him into opeth. the ambient acoustic songs. can i please get some good suggestions?