Aborted: 'Metal Nowadays Is Not The Same Metal It Used To Be'

artist: Aborted date: 06/29/2007 category: interviews

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Aborted: 'Metal Nowadays Is Not The Same Metal It Used To Be'
You may have forgotten about this death metal band as they've been pretty quiet lately, but now Aborted are here to remind you who they are with an astonishing new album, Slaughter & Apparatus: A Methodical Overture. The record turned out to be far more sophisticated than an average offering from a modern metal band and features collaborations with such giants of the genre as Jeff Walker (ex-Carcass) and Jacob Bredahl (Hatesphere). Slaughter & Apparatus: A Methodical Overture was out in February and is still getting praising reviews from the critics. With this comeback album the band proved their status of mad scientists of metal that are not afraid to experiment. Aborted was formed in Sweden in 1995 by Sven de Caluw and since that time he had remained the only backbone of the band. The band is famous for its line-up changes - since 1995 till today there has been 7 different guitarists! Now, for the release of the new album, the line up is totally different once again - all the members joined Aborted in 2006-2007 except, of course, the frontman Sven de Caluw. Ultimate Guitar got a chance to talk to Aborted new guitarist Sebastien Seb Purulator Tuvi who is number 8 if you count. Ironically, the guitar player of such a serious and scary metal band called us for an interview from the most romantic city on Earth - Paris that turmed out to be his permanent place of living! More ironically he appeared to be a very nice man to talk to, meanwhile complaining to rainy weather in the city. Sebastein has quite a big experience as a guitarist under his belt - before joining Aborted, he was noticed in such bands as Garwall, Balrog and Genital Grinder. Seb had one simple reason to join Aborted - he just had some spare time and wanted to travel around more. On top on that of course he knew the band's previous works and has been a fan for a long time. His thoughts quite came true as Aborted are intensively touring Europe all through summer with Hatesphere to support the new album. They are playing at the biggest summer fests, sharing the stage with the bands like Immortal, Cannibal Corpse and Napalm Death. We are all quite excited about this tour 'cause it means a lot to us as a band. Even though all the musicians have just joined Aborted, according to Seb the relationship in the band right now is great - the guys are having fun getting to know each other. This time around Sven was more careful about finding the right persons and the right players and it all paid back! All of us are hoping that the current line-up will last for a long time! says Seb.
"I believe you should just play metal good, that's the only thing that matters."
Does he think those numerous line-up changes has limited the progress forward the band? Not at all. Everything depends on the professionalism of people playing together - if you know what you're playing and how you're playing it, you can't go wrong. At the moment the team is very powerful and the musicians are capable to move the band forward, creating a strong force. I couldn't resist asking Seb what he thinks about various band members influencing the music of Aborted as it should be hard for people with different background to fit into one concept. Of course each one of us brings something new to the table as we all are very individual and have our own ideas about the sound of the band. But Sven manages to convert all our thoughts into one solid sound and keep the band's originality at the same time. To warm up the interest to the album, Aborted released The Auricular Chronicles DVD in autumn 2006, which contains live show shot in France plus of course video clips, band interviews, backstage chronicles, which was excitedly greeted by the fans. In support of the new album the band are now intensively touring USA and Europe with Danish metal thrashers Hatesphere. The show is a violent loud experience with songs both from the new album and the old ones. There are some fans rambling about not too many songs from the previous albums. Seb says the reason for that is quite obvious - they just can't fit all songs in one show, but the program is constantly changed, depending on the band's mood and timeslot. Every day is a different show - it all depends on the event we're playing at, sometimes we don't have that much time. Obviously the number of songs we have to choose from is getting bigger every day, but we're trying to pick the optimal set list! Sebastien was endorsed by quite many guitars during his career; right now he is playing ESP guitars and 666 strings and seems quite satisfied with both of them. All the guitarists in the band use LTD/ESP Eclipse guitars. It's the vibrato feel and attack you have with a fixed bridge on those guitars that is very addictive, especially when you're playing metal. For his peavey 5150 Seb uses the lead channel. Depending on the guitar and the cabinet I'm using, for the loud effect the gain level varies from 5 to 7, bass 5, mid 7, high 6, master 3 depth punch 6, presence 7. Lately the band has launched MySpace and YouTube video series, giving the fans an opportunity to learn something more about the band. The first episode was about drums with drummer Dan Wilding shooting a video of himself playing a few songs. Now the guys are preparing a new episode, which is supposed to be about guitars and Seb will let you spy on him playing tracks from the album and explaining the techniques he's using. The last question for Seb was about the metal genre today - is it slowly dieing as the bands have hard times finding a source for inspiration or it just a transition period of this music. Apparently he is very skeptical about the new generation of metal bands, he even sees no point listening to them or remembering any names as they are not even seemingly as strong as their predecessors back in 1990s. I believe you should just play metal good, that's the only thing that matters. I don't really care about popular metal bands nowadays as it's not the same metal it used to be. The genre has mutated a lot, gained a lot of unnecessary variation, so when it comes to metal, it's only a matter of time when the bands will get back to the roots. Ultimate-Guitar.Com 2007
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