An Easier Bass Multiple Chord Technique

An easier and more convenient less error prone technique for playing a bass string than playing multiply a chord and then repeating this bas multiple chord sequence continuously.

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The main problem with what seems to be an easy play of bass chord or bass multiple chord is the movement of the picking hand away from the strings when playing chord and then returning back to pick an exact string for the next bass. This problem mainly appears when the guitar player cannot concentrate vision on the strings, I. E. has to read lyrics or watch the fingerboard hand. The stronger the chord has to be played the greater the movements of the picking hand thus the more difficult the aiming at the next bass. The discussed technique offers a simple way to improve the aiming. The pick may be angled with the tip up. Thus the area which is to land on the string is bigger yet more difficult to miss. A possible problem may be to hit the neighboring string too which may be better than a miss or not hitting the desired string, as for example, when using the bass tone for adjustment of the singing pitch to sing in better pitch. In conclusion, a technique of bass chord or bass multiple chord with angled to higher pick has been experimented with and found to offer some improvement. By Steven Stanley Bayes

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    TL;DR: Angle your pick slightly when playing bass chords. More surface area means more chance to not **** up your picking. I mean, I think, I'm not really sure either.
    Steven Bayes
    If you try to position your pick between two strings while your pick is perpendicular to the strings, you may not hit the right hole, i. e. you may stick the pick between other two strings. This happens with guitars with narrow necks and short distance between the strings. If you angle the pick with the tip up and towards you, you do not exactly position the pick between the strings but you "lean" the pick on the string. The area of the pick is rather large, especially when you hold the pick at the pick's upper area. This large area can easily hit the string and the chance to miss is lower. HOWEVER, you may hit the neighbouring upper string and the chance for this is higher. Nasty, eh?
    In conclusion, a technique of bass chord or bass multiple chord with angled to higher pick has been experimented with and found to offer some improvement.
    Okay, so basically this whole "lesson" is just saying that you should try holding your pick in a different way when you're having difficulties playing chords on a bass. An entire lesson for just one little tip, which doesn't even apply to the large amount of bassists that prefer playing without a pick? Kind of ridiculous imo.
    Steven Bayes
    There is nothing in the Universe, except elementary! THIS ARTICLE IS FOR GUITAR NOT FOR BASE GUITAR. I DO NOT KNOW WHO PUT THIS ARTICLE HERE!
    Steven Bayes
    Can't read and reply to every comment, so here is a summary: THIS ARTICLE IS NOT FOR BASE GUITAR BUT FOR A NORMAL, 6 STRING, ACOUSTIC, CLASSICAL OR ELECTRIC GUITAR. Either I have mede a mistake to put the article here, or, I believe, the web site managers put the article here because of the name. Again: "Bass Chord" is a way of playing rythm guitar where a bass string is hit and then the rest of the strings are hit to play the chord. Can be used for base guitar for those who want. To play chords on base guitar is nice as well as arpegio or whatever the name is. The article is very short because of the simple point the article makes: angle the pick, you get a better accuracy. Simple. There is nothing complicated in the world. The music field which is the simplest out of them all is base guitar, for example. Even simpler than drums!
    the picture is of a bass guitar also, as an experimental bassist, i'm this close to knocking your teeth in.
    Using a pick is terribly lame; unless you are Justin
    Steven Bayes
    Most base guitar players do not like the pick as well as most clasical guitar players. I play with fingers too and am a great fan thereof. HOWEVER, I believe the pick offers more easily achievable lighting speed base guitar playing. Indeed, to make tremolo with fingers ain't much fun, though classical guitar players can do so yet not as fast as far as I can say. They would use two techniques: either a tremolo with one finger where they use their finger ( usualy the pointing finger ) as a pick, some wouled prefer the neil of their picking finger, or they would use usually 3 fingers to engage the string sequentially. These can be used for base guitar playing. Yet, I believe, the pick is easier and faster for base guitar too. There is nothing wrong to play base with a pick. I guess, the choice very much depends on what kinda song one plays. Also on the base guitar. Base guitars with narrow necks may be incredibly convenient for picking because of the shorter distance the pick has to travel between the strings.
    Steven Bayes
    The picture has been automatically inserted by the website too. Everything, except the text, has been done by the website : pictures, positions, decoration around the text, etcetera.