An Easier Bass Multiple Chord Technique

author: Steven Bayes date: 12/20/2012 category: guitar scales and modes
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An Easier Bass Multiple Chord Technique
The main problem with what seems to be an easy play of bass chord or bass multiple chord is the movement of the picking hand away from the strings when playing chord and then returning back to pick an exact string for the next bass. This problem mainly appears when the guitar player cannot concentrate vision on the strings, I. E. has to read lyrics or watch the fingerboard hand. The stronger the chord has to be played the greater the movements of the picking hand thus the more difficult the aiming at the next bass. The discussed technique offers a simple way to improve the aiming. The pick may be angled with the tip up. Thus the area which is to land on the string is bigger yet more difficult to miss. A possible problem may be to hit the neighboring string too which may be better than a miss or not hitting the desired string, as for example, when using the bass tone for adjustment of the singing pitch to sing in better pitch. In conclusion, a technique of bass chord or bass multiple chord with angled to higher pick has been experimented with and found to offer some improvement. By Steven Stanley Bayes
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