Bass Guitar Practice and Warm Up at the Same Time

C major scale exercise for learning notes on the fretboard, modes of the scale and warm up fingers or speed improve

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This is a exercise that I use to warm up playing C major scale all over the fretboard (well til 17th fret, one octave) just using three strings (A D G). It is very simple, just play downwards first mode, slide to the next note and play upwards the next mode to slide the next one and repeat all over the modes. As you play every mode in one direction it helps to remind them as blocks and its relation. For beginners it's better to play one note for beat, medium and advance can play two or four notes for beat to use as a speed exercise. Thanks for your comments and reviews. Bass Guitar tunning (E A D G)
 4/4-------ionian/major---------    ----------dorian---------- 

-------------Phygian-------------    -----------Lydian------------

------------Mixolydian-------------   ---------Aeolian/minor------------ 

---------Locrian-------------------   -------------ionian/major--------- 
Tablature Legend ----------------
 h   - hammer-on                                                        
 p   - pull-off                                                         
 b   - bend                                                             
 pb  - pre-bend                                                         
 r   - bend release (if no number after the r, then release immediately)
 /\  - slide into or out of (from/to "nowhere")                         
 s   - legato slide                                                     
 S   - shift slide                                                      
  - natural harmonic                                                 
[n]  - artificial harmonic                                              
n(n) - tapped harmonic                                                  
 ~   - vibrato                                                          
 tr  - trill                                                            
 T   - tap                                                              
 TP  - trem. picking                                                    
 PM  - palm muting                                                      
\n/  - tremolo bar dip; n = amount to dip                               
 \n  - tremolo bar down                                                 
 n/  - tremolo bar up                                                   
/n\  - tremolo bar inverted dip                                         
 =   - hold bend; also acts as connecting device for hammers/pulls      
 <>  - volume swell (louder/softer)                                     
 x   - on rhythm slash represents muted slash                           
 o   - on rhythm slash represents single note slash                     
Misc Legend -----------
 |  - bar                
||  - double bar         
||o - repeat start       
o|| - repeat end         
*|  - double bar (ending)
 :  - bar (freetime)     
 $  - Segno              
 &  - Coda               
Tempo markers - = BPM(8/16=s8/s16), where s8 = swing 8ths, s16 = swing 16ths Generated using Power Tab Editor by Brad Larsen.

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    thank you it is nice find a suitable practice sheet here is some of my pratice recorded using the top set and you tube video