Create Fabulous Bass Fills by Thinking Rhythm 1st, Notes 2nd - Bass Lesson by Scott Whitley

Learn how to create fabulous bass fills be thinking rhythm first, notes second. Essentially you'll think more like a drummer or a percussionist!

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Hi there!

In this video lesson I'll demonstrate how to start thinking more like a drummer/percussionist.

The idea is to practice playing along with songs etc. Just tapping out rhythms on your knees, desk, steering wheel - whatever. Once you're into the idea of doing this, you can 'vocalize' these rhythmic ideas first with your mouth, then with your bass using a single note.

The next step is to take the same rhythm and apply notes from arpeggios etc to it to create some really tasty bass fills!

If this sounds complicated - don't worry. As you watch the video you'll see just how simple and fun this concept really is!

Thanks for checking out my lesson,


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