Shifting And Left Hand Mobility. Part 1 - Chords Progression

author: Scramchi date: 09/23/2004 category: bass lessons

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Hi Folks! I'll make a short introduction to my lesson. It will deal with the chord progression in C major. *) Chords in C major The notes in the () are (root-third-fifth). 1-Chord: C //(c-e-g)// Mode: Ionian 2-Chord: Dm //(d-f-a)// Mode: Dorian 3-Chord: Em7 //(e-g-b)// Mode: Phrygian 4-Chord: F //(f-a-c)// Mode: Lydian 5-Chord: G //(g-b-d)// Mode: Mixolydian 6-Chord: Am //(a-c-e)// Mode: Aeolian 7-Chord: Bdim //(b-d-f)// Mode: Lokrian *) Arpeggiated Chords in C major + Set the metronome to ~50 bpm + Play all arpeggiated chords in triplets + Play this etude firstly only on the A and D strings + Transpose this pattern to F major, only using the D and G strings + Transpose this pattern to G major, only using the E and A strings. The fingering stays the same in F and G major, you just move one string up/down. + Practise this pattern from low C to high C AND vice versis. This is very easy, just start playing from the end to the beginning, reading right to left.
C            Dm        Em            F

G                 Am                Bdim            C
+ When you feel comfortable with this partern, try alternating the order of the notes. Eg: Start the first chord with its fifth, play the second chord regularly, the third again starting with its fifth and so on. id est:
C             Dm           Em              F
G|-----------------------------------------------------| etc.
Next time we will do these exercises with Tetrachords. I hope you can improve your dexterity with this lesson. For questions email me (scramchi@yahoo.di) Change the "di" in my email adresse to "de". Scramchi

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