Simultaneously Develop Your Fret Technique And Rhythm Pt 1

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Simultaneously Develop Your Fret Technique And Rhythm Pt 1
In this lesson, I will show you a quite simple exercise that will develop both your fretting technique and your rhythm. This lesson is for Beginner and Intermediate players. What you'll need: Any Scale, Metronome, Bass, Understanding of Tablature (I explain how to read tabs in this lesson if you don't know how). If you're not sure where to find scales or a don't have a metronome, refer here. Scales: Metronome: Once you have all these you can begin. First, you'll be using the "one finger per fret" technique. If you're not sure what that is. Suppose you're playing your E string. You would use your index finger for fret 1, middle finger for fret 2, ring finger for fret 3, and pinky finger for fret 4. Although this can be difficult at first. Practicing it will make you a much better player in the future. Next, you will need to choose a scale. I will use the D Dorian mode for this lesson. Any scale will work though. (If you don't know how to read tab) The four lines represent the four strings of your bass. The lowest is your biggest string (E) next up is your (A) then (D) and last (G) your smallest string. Reading from the bottom 0,2,3 You would play an open E string. Then hold down the 2nd fret of your E string and play it, then the 3rd fret and so on. The number represents the fret you will play, the E,A,D,G represents what string you will play that fret on.
D Dorian



Now for this lesson, set your metronome at a slower speed to start, 60-75 beats per minute is fine. You'll increase speed later, as you get more practice. Get your metronome set. If you're not sure how metronomes work. When you start it, you should hear it click, repeating itself. Click, click, click, click. Four times. As you increase beats per minute (bpm) the clicks should get faster. You play a note for every click you hear. It's easy at low bpm and gets harder at faster bpm. That's why I suggest starting at 60-75 and increase as you get better. If you refer to the D Dorian scale I provided. Start your metronome and play I=index M=middle R=ring P=pinky
   I M P     I M P     I M P     I M P   

   I M  R  P   I M  R  P   I M  R  P   I M  R  P 
Play notes in fours using your index, middle, ring, and pinky finger like in the tabs. Playing with the metronome will improve your rhythm and timing. Using the "one finger per fret" technique will improve your fretting. Making your fretting hand more flexible and able to stretch further. Creating more fluidity and ability in your playing. Combing both practices together in once exercise will help you greatly. How often to practice this is up to you. You can play the notes on one string in increments then work your way up. Or play from E to G then repeat. And move down the fretboard. Practice as often and as much as you can. This exercise can also be applied to guitar. Adding the B and low E string into the equation. I hope this lesson helps you greatly. Thank you for your time in reading it and keep playing!
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