Beautiful Chords With Open String Voicings

In the key of E major we can create awesome sounding chords up the neck with a combination of barre chord shapes and the open B and E strings.

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I wanted to share with you a chord technique that I always use whenever I grab a guitar to strum through a few chords. We're going to be looking at how we can create beautiful and cool chord sounds by taking barre chord shapes and adding open strings to them. This is great if you're looking to expand your chord vocabulary, especially if you're bored with the beginner open chords.

This technique works especially well in the key of E major when we are in standard tuning. I start by mapping out the notes of the E major scale on the low E string. From those bass notes we can create full 6-string barre chords from each note of the scale. We first start with the open E chord and then walk up one note on each string, creating a new chord at each stage. I also show you how you can do the same with chords that have their bass note on the A string.

You will hear talk of the 'one chord' or the 'four chord'. These are the chords that are created in this way from each note in the scale. We number the chord by the number of the scale degree upon which it is formed.

From these barre chord shapes we remove any finger that is on the B and high E string to create some lush sounding open string chords, with some very crazy names. Don't be too concerned with the silly long names (that's just me being pedantic) but try and remember what number each chord is in relation to the tonic, E.

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