Chord Creativity Exercise - Pivoting Roots

A simple exercise that will get you thinking about new chords and voicings you may not be familiar with.

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Hey, guys! Today, we're looking at a simple exercise I find myself using every so often when I start to get bored with my current array of chord voicings.

At its core, this exercise is nothing more than selecting two root notes, and perpetually bouncing back and forth between them while building a different triad each time. This leads you to look into new inversions, alternate voicings and just generally increase your chord knowledge.

Unfortunately, this exercise is so simple and easy that I can't really stretch this article much further than this. For examples and additional tips, check out the following video:

YouTube preview picture

Thanks for reading/watching, and I'll see you guys next time.

By Kevin Goetz

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    It's a cool concept, one of my favorite ways to play chords. However it really wouldn't hurt to use less gain sometimes, especially when playing arpeggios You seem to be stuck with a permanent metal tone.