Chord Voicing Dilemmas

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Chord Voicing Dilemmas
I would like to begin by saying that the problem a lot of players go through is that of figuring out specific original chords for songs. I can remember having trouble with this exact same area of trying to play harmonies - both simple ones and complex ones. While songwriting, I found that I would have difficulty finding exact chord voicings that I could hear in my mind. No matter how hard I tried, for the life of me, I could not discover them physically on the guitar neck! So, in this lesson I'll be discussing a few ways that you can practice getting the chord sounds that you hear in your head to come through correctly on your instrument. In the video lesson, I can only cover a few of the ways to tap into discovering the endless number of cool riffs floating around in one's mind. However, I would like to leave you with a couple of very important tips... #1). Spend as much time as you can figuring out other peoples songs. It doesn't even matter what style or artist, (or if you like them or not). Just learn song after song, after song. This will both introduce you to new ideas and help to train you to play what you hear in your head. #2). Learn chords - and a lot of them! The more chords you learn, the bigger your harmonic vocabulary on the guitar will be, and trust me when I say - that's a very, very good thing! Download the free PDF handout and MP3 Jam-track at this link. Watch the entire video lesson below:
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