Easy Chords for the Guitar Soloist

This lesson discusses several interesting extended and suspended chords that can substitute for the basic open position, C, F, and G chords. These unique chord voicings can be excellent for anyone who wants to play as a soloist, (with the guitar backing up their vocal parts).

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The basic set of open guitar chords is an excellent place to start for anyone new to the guitar. And, learning them can be especially helpful for any musician who has already played other instruments. It is also a great help to any musician who is transitioning to the guitar for the first time from another instrument. However, what we lack with our open position group of chords is that of unique added extensions, as well as, the suspended or altered chord colors. In this lesson I demonstrate several different; chord inversions, extended chords, plus both the suspended 2nd, and the suspended 4th chords as well. On top of that, I'll be showing some basic Strum-hand techniques including; simple finger-style guitar plucking and some work with upper-three string harmony application. Watch the video lesson to find out more:
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    The G-note on the high e-string is supposed to be on the 3rd fret, not 4th. Alright lesson though.
    thats the finger number .
    I haven't seen finger numbers being used in that way before. Usually the numbers below the strings show frets, and I think that would help more than what's done in the video. How a guitarist would fret a chord can vary from guitarist to guitarist for several reasons, but what frets that person presses down will be the same, and because of that, more important to know than what finger that a certain guitarist uses. And since the video shows clearly his hand on the fretboard it shouldn't be hard to tell either, if one wanted to do what he does.
    all you really need is a few easy/basic chords and then a creative mindset to get you motivated and you'll want to keep learning! go for the easy wins to start.