Guitar Lab 101 - Rhythm Variety, Outlining the Chords!

I've seen a bunch of chords/scales lessons and I just figured "hey let's make my own!" I'll try to explain shortly which "out of the pentatonic box" figures I use over some minor and major chords. Hope you'll enjoy!

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Hi again and welcome to my new lesson about spicing up your rhythm playing!

Now today I'll try to demonstrate an easy way to add variety to your typical power chord playing. Power chords may sound huge and they are the weapon of choice by many rock/metal guitarist but sometimes you want to do something more out of it.

This is beginning to sound like some Top Shop commercial so I'll just cut to the case.

The chords we'll be using in this example will be:

D => x5777x
C => x3555x
G => 355433
Bm7 => x24232
A => x0222x
E => 0221xx

The way we'll play through all this chords will be by adding extra notes just to contribute to the melody and smoothness.
While playing this try to make all the notes ring out except where noted.
RO~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ RO~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ RO~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Now this is a small portion of what you can actually do to spice up your playing but I'll be doing more of these lessons in the near future I just don't have enough time to tab out all the ideas but they will be here very soon. Hope this gives you some ideas how to add some variety into your playing and I hope this can serve as an example to make some of your own.

I tried being more accurate and not so messy with the tabs,I'm still getting the hang of it.

PM => Palm Mute
RO => Ring out.

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