How To Get The Best Sound Out Of Your Chords

How to get the best sounds out of your chord playing.

Ultimate Guitar
Having trouble with getting the best sound out of your chords? I guess that's why you clicked here. I will tell you a couple ways to make sure your chords sound the best that you can make it.

First Thing: Make sure your strings are tuned.

If your strings are not tuned right, it will make your chords sound bad. There are a few ways to tune it. Of course there is a tuner, but if you do not have a tuner, there is another way. The top string is an E, so if you put your finger on the 5th fret, you get an A, which is the next string. You have to tune it by ear. So, starting from the top string, or 6th string, going to the bottom string, or 1st string, E string 5th fret is A. A string 5th fret is D. D string 5th fret is G. G string 4th fret is B. B string 5th fret is E. Make sure your strings are tuned, and that could help.

Second Thing: Make sure you are baring down.

If you do not press your fingers on the strings hard enough, it could throw the sound off. It will kind of mute the string you are trying to play. After playing, if you look at your fingertips, you should see lines in your fingers from where the strings were. That is one way to make sure you are pressing down hard enough.

Third Thing: Don't play on the actual fret.

The silver bar on the neck of the guitar is what is really called a fret, but if you put your fingers on them and try to play, it will have a dull sound. That is why you play right behind it on the fret board. The closest you get to the silver bar, the better of a sound you get. Just don't play on the silver bar.

Fourth Thing: Don't touch other strings.

If you are playing a G chord, make sure your fingers do not touch the strings below them. If you do, then your chord will sound off. You will have a sort of mute sound. Also make sure that your palm does not come up and touch the bottom string, it will have the same affect. That is all I can think of to make sure that your playing the best sounds you can get off of a guitar. If you have any questions, send me a message and I will help you the best I can. Thank You! :D

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    A good point as a part of the "First Thing" would be to make sure the intonation is correct. It will make the chords sound awful on the higher frets even if the open strings are in tune if it's not taken care of. But apart from that, this is a very good and basic lesson that many will find useful.
    i have a problem with the baring down part of the lesson you should use enough pressure to fret the string but not too much to bend the strings out of tune especially if youre using light strings this is something i stress when teaching guitar to not use any unnecesary force
    Rebel Scum
    I think a better example for point four is playing a D or an A chord as an open G or G at the 3rd fret uses all 6 strings so as an example of your point doesn't make much sense.