Minor 9 Chords

For those of you too sophisticated to play regular minor triads, or even minor 7s, the minor 9 is your new best friend!

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There's a serious lack of love out there for the minor 9 chord. It's bad enough that simple triads are out grabbing all the attention, and whatever appreciation slips through the cracks gets spread out to seventh chords. Meanwhile, the minor 9 chord sits in the shadows, turning tricks on the street for just a small appearance in the shadiest chord progression.

It's time to come home minor 9, clean yourself up a little bit and get back in the game. So where should you use minor 9 chords? They're a naturally chord extension for any ii or vi chord. For example in the key of C, whenever you see a Dm or an Am, turn those guys into Dm9 and Am9 and watch them soar!

The chord spelling would be:

1 b3 5 b7 9

It turns into an easy, fretboard-spanning arpeggio that you can stack quite nicely next to like chords (check out the video to see it). So let's say you're in the key of F. Our prime minor 9 candidates are going to be the 2nd and 6th degree of F, which are G and D. Executing one arpeggio rooted on the 10th fret of the A string (G), sits neatly beneath the 10th fret of the low E string (D).

And just like that, the minor 9 has found a way home.

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    Just thought I'd mention: That 2nd voicing you showed at 2:26 isn't a minor9 chord, it's a minoradd2 chord. The 2nd interval is only referred to as a 9th when there is a 7th involved. Extended chords are built the conventional way of stacking 3rds (1,3,5,7,9,11,13), and all intervals past the 7th are compound intervals: intervals that are added on top of the octave. By removing the 7th, these notes are no longer "stacked", they are "added", and the names of these intervals are not affected by the octave they're in, a 2nd one octave higher is still a 2nd.
    No, that would be an Am(add9). You are correct about the chord only being named m9 when a 7th is involved, but the way you are naming notes above the octave is not correct.
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    I really like this guy's lessons. They aren't too long and convoluted, he's not patronising or a douche, just good theory well explained and some interesting ideas I wouldn't try tinkering with otherwise. Keep em coming!
    Stony Lix
    2=9 4=11... it can get confusing sometimes. I've seen add 9 where there is no 7th involved. But yes a 9th chord includes the 7th = 13579. sus 2, sus 4, When I see these, seems they are replacing the 3rd. If it were an add2 or add4, the 3rd is still present. In the case of an add 9, (2=9) I'm guessing it's name suggests 1359, because of the 3rd is in it and no 7th in it
    I-Am-The-Man · Jun 08, 2016 04:31 AM
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