Smooth Jazz Rhythm Guitar

Learn how to get started with a few simple, smooth jazz rhythm guitar grooves.

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In this lesson we'll talk about smooth jazz rhythm guitar. This rhythm style is a light approach to playing a form of jazz rhythm guitar that combines the sixteenth-note grooves of funk with the feel and the harmonies of jazz. Plus, smooth jazz rhythm will also often include a sound and meter that is more associated to the style of soul/R&B music.

This lesson will make a study of how players can get started with a few simple smooth jazz guitar grooves, and then, the lesson will move on to experiment with adding in more funk-style sound.

We'll also study a mixed rhythm guitar concept that combines chords along with single-note lines to further promote the techniques and feel of the soul/R&B style. Enjoy!

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About the Author:
Andrew Wasson is a 1992 Graduate of Hollywood California's Guitar Institute of Technology (G.I.T.). He has operated his Canadian Music School, Creative Guitar Studio, for the last 20+ years teaching thousands of guitarists both in studio sessions. You can learn more at his official website 

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    This style of music gets overlooked so often, guys like Lee Ritenour, Larry Carlton & Norman Brown are some of the best players out there... Thanks for sharing this lesson, please post more in the future!