Triad Chord Voicings in Solo Guitar

Discussion on common major and minor 3-note triads demonstrated in studies that use them in different solo rhythm guitar situations and in stand alone chord riffs.

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Triad Chord Voicings in Solo Guitar
In the first part of the lesson, I introduce some of the most popular 3-note triad chord voicings built from off of the 4th and 3rd strings.

Example one applies 4th-string root triads in both major and minor chord qualities and demonstrates them within the key of "G Major" (from 10th position to open position).

Example two, switches to the key of "B Minor" and applies a number of popular 3-note triad patterns based from off of the third guitar string.

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Part Two of this lesson is available on

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    These triad shapes are one of the main ideas that are used in guitar songs. Ya gotta know 'em.
    True and can really clean up a song and let the guitar standout a bit better. I tend to find lead parts using this style and almost always comes out better than just basic full chords.
    These chords in this context really add a bright quality. I use them everyday and its nice to see someone see the value as I do. Not saying you need to know them but i agree with the other post. They really make you as a player more distinctive in the live mix. Love em!