Using Triads for Creative Rhythm Playing

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Using Triads for Creative Rhythm Playing
In this lesson we're looking at major triads and how you can play standard chords as 3 string shapes, in different positions across the fretboard. These are great because it's possible to take a simple chord sequence and make it sound more interesting and musical, by using less common inversions.

Playing using triads can instantly make you sound like Keith Richards (!) but they're so widely used that you can also find them in songs by The Killers, Bob Marley, Muse, The Smiths and Guns n' Roses to name a few.

We show you how to play the intro example progression in chapter 2, but so that you can use them in a wider musical context, we first cover some simple chord theory and show you how to play the different inversions rooted from the D and G strings.

Have fun!

G root triad inversions

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Video lesson chapter 1:

Video lesson chapter 2:

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