Building Finger Strength and Speed

This lesson is for those players who want to take challenge and take their playing to next level. You will be giving trouble to your fingers.

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Are you having problems with stretching fingers? Or, you cannot speed up to the level you want. Then you must go through this lesson. Here you will find how to practice to make yourself to get rid of these problems.

I am sure you have already checked some lessons on this topic. However, don't worry, this lesson won't bore you or keep you just silent. It is going to present you a real hard time and a real good challenge to you. So be ready to face it. 

Many players begin their day by doing regular exercises or songs. They play the same exercises on and on which is in my way boring and not interesting. Well, I am not saying that it is wrong to do it. What I am saying is just make it a little challenging if you spend more time doing your exercises. But, how? Yes! Now you get to the point. Well, be patient, I am going to say it, don't worry. Okay, now let's just stop beating around the bush and get straight to the point.

To accept the challenge take an elastic closed loop (for e.g. a rubber hair binder usually to bind ponytailed hair). Take that loop and insert it into the index finger of your fretting fingers. Twist it around so that it stretches. After the twist, insert the loop into your middle finger, twist it again like earlier. Then repeat the process onto the adjacent fingers (ring and little) respectively. After fixing the loop to the fingers now start doing the exercises and songs that you do daily normally. You will surely suffer this state. As you try to force your fingers for freedom the loop will try to stop you and retard you movement.

You won't be the same player you used to be with the loop remaining to your fingers, will you? And vice versa. If you do this everyday as a daily exercise I am sure you will change your playing and take it to the next step. 

Hope you liked this lesson. Keep playing, and challenging yourself!

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    I recommend not doing anything that works against your fingers. This brings to mind the pianist Robert Schumann who hurt his hand with a mechanical device trying to improve his ability. He ended up being unable to play. Be careful.
    I agree. I have heard that these kinds of exercises might be harmful rather than beneficial. I might be wrong, though
    The first post that made me run to my guitar (and elastic). It is a kind of karatekid with the jacket
    so, can i lesson with rubber in my hand? please share your knowledge
    so, can i lesson with rubber in my hand? please share your knowledge
    DO NOT look for a shortcut!there is a saying im my contry shortcut nearer long way faster