Focusing Motivation - Musician Psychology, Part 1

A way to use mental focus to massively enhance your motivation.

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Hey, guys. Kevin Goetz here with another lesson. Today marks the start of my new lesson series, which is dedicated entirely to revealing the path needed to become a professional musician, which I'm defining for purposes of this series as "someone who COMFORTABLY makes enough money to live off of by playing, writing, producing and/or teaching music." Success, by most peoples' definition. Most people would also define this as delusion in today's music industry, but that is simply not the case.

I've been using these methods myself for years, and those students of mine who have actually managed to apply all these methods themselves also report a great deal of success. My wording there, "managing" to apply the methods is rather important - this does take some discipline and effort; certainly no less than you would put into improving at guitar.

By the end of the series, you'll feel like a completely different person in terms of how quickly you learn and retain new skills and information, someone entirely capable of creating all the revenue you could need, just from your music.

The first step on our lengthy but rewarding road to success, starts in our own minds, at the utterly basic level of thought itself. To find out how to massively increase your motivation by changing one simple point of focus in your mind, have a look at the following video:

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By Kevin Goetz

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    Hi Kevin. This is some cool stuff. I have an idea in my mind, and I'd like a 3rd persons view of this. When practising, what we do is we push our limits, but a lot of the time people play something over and over again even though they play it perfectly fine. (With a bit of room for improvement) What I find is a good thing to do is when I learn a lick by heart is read and read out loud while playing it. That pushes my ability even further than my playing. It's like that lick you've played for ages, but this is a shortcut to that feeling. Which is what we'd all like with the very complex stuff. What do you think? Thanks again, keep going!