Getting Fast Guitar Licks Up to Speed

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Getting Fast Guitar Licks Up to Speed
Playing fast guitar licks not only sounds cool and flashy, but they will grab your listeners attention. Fast guitar licks will also relate a very different emotional response during a solo. They provide guitar players with a unique and even more complex style of expression on the instrument. This is evident either when it happens within a guitar solo, or within a dedicated melody section during a song. However, the problem that many guitar students will encounter is one of getting their fast guitar licks up to speed and ready to perform at a moments' notice. In this video lesson, I'll be taking a small collection of fast guitar-lick examples, and I'll not only be showing you how to play them effectively, but I'll also be explaining how to study them so that you have them completely burned into your memory - and at your fingertips - whenever you want them used in a song, or in a solo! Watch the video below to follow the complete lesson-plan:
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