Handling Criticism, Part 2 - With Kevin Goetz

A discussion of the role that the anger response plays when we receive criticism, and how to handle that criticism better.

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Hey, guys!

In my last article, we discussed how to handle a type of criticism that is not in any way constructive, offered not with the intent of improving your music, but purely to tear you down. In a nutshell, the idea is to realize that the non-constructive variety of criticism is useless to you, and your attention is better spent on furthering your career in music.

When I originally uploaded that video, it prompted a slew of responses from my subscribers asking how one actually goes about doing that. So, in a second video, we're going to talk about the actual mental responses that this type of criticism brings up in you, and how to move past them. If you're someone who finds yourself getting uncomfortably angry when criticized or disagreed with, you will absolutely benefit from the following video.

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    Chris Zoupa
    Cool insights on insecurity. Someone once told me "True confidence is quiet and insecurity is LOUD." It really changed my thoughts on "the loud alpha type people".
    You are rude. The professionals forget that they are listened to not only by friends.Many of them do the same things musically. If you want to brew in your own juice. I harbour an evil feeling to you for excessive use of the 4-letter word. You forgot that you speak about Art!