How to Practice Efficiently

Do you only have an hour a day to practice? Learn how to make it count.

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Do you feel that you aren't improving quickly enough at your instrument? Perhaps because your schedule cuts into your playtime, between work, school, and social obligations, and leaves you with a mere hour to practice? This is the reality for many people who want to develop their skills to a professional level, but whose circumstances prevent them from making the kind of time commitments necessary in order to grow to that point.

In such a situation, it becomes necessary to craft a tight, effective schedule that will allow you to make optimum use of every minute you can dedicate to practicing. This relies on several factors, including what you play when you practice, how long you play it for, what kind of environment you practice in, and perhaps most importantly, the ability to adapt and alter your schedule over time as your needs change. An inflexible practice schedule can be just as bad as an improper one.

For detailed information on all the above topics and more, have a look at the following video, in which I'll explain how to craft an individually-tailored practice schedule that will optimize your practice time for your specific needs. Thanks for reading/watching, and enjoy!

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    "Watch something funny" ? My teacher allways told me to turn off everything. Even mobile. Woodshedding my skills.
    When I'm learning new songs or specific phrases, I definitely shut off all distractions. Once I've achieved solid muscle memory, I enjoy watching my favorite shows with a metronome on in the background. I also eat, drink, and brush my teeth while playing guitar.
    am new here n I want to learn guitar can someone please tell me where to go n download anything that can help me please I need help
    If you're really brand new, it makes sense to take some lessons, even if just for a few months. If that's not for you, get any type of beginning guitar book that looks interesting so you can get the basics down: how to hold the guitar, parts of the guitar, tuning, how to hold the pick, how to start to learn fingerpicking, etc. If you're really only interested in a specific type of music, you can probably find a book tailored to that. Then, really, it's practice, practice, practice... learn scales and try to learn to read music - it's a big help later, but it's not really required if you're just wanting to have some fun. And if you have any friends that play, that is the best thing - it's great to play with someone, and not just alone all the time. Hope this helps!