How to Practice Efficiently

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How to Practice Efficiently
Do you feel that you aren't improving quickly enough at your instrument? Perhaps because your schedule cuts into your playtime, between work, school, and social obligations, and leaves you with a mere hour to practice? This is the reality for many people who want to develop their skills to a professional level, but whose circumstances prevent them from making the kind of time commitments necessary in order to grow to that point.

In such a situation, it becomes necessary to craft a tight, effective schedule that will allow you to make optimum use of every minute you can dedicate to practicing. This relies on several factors, including what you play when you practice, how long you play it for, what kind of environment you practice in, and perhaps most importantly, the ability to adapt and alter your schedule over time as your needs change. An inflexible practice schedule can be just as bad as an improper one.

For detailed information on all the above topics and more, have a look at the following video, in which I'll explain how to craft an individually-tailored practice schedule that will optimize your practice time for your specific needs. Thanks for reading/watching, and enjoy!

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