Is It Ever Too Late to Learn Guitar? - With Kevin Goetz

Answering the biggest question that stops people before they ever start.

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Hey, guys!

Today's lesson is actually a request. A handful of people who have been especially helped by my Musician Psychology series asked me to answer the question of whether it's ever too late to start on an instrument, and if you can ever truly "catch up" to someone who's been playing longer than you have.

At first, I thought this would be a simple yes or no, but as time went on and I considered it more, the thought occurred to me that there are actually a lot of intricacies to this topic, and that it warranted a lesson all its own.

So, if you've ever wondered about that same question yourself, be sure to check out the following video:

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About the Author:
Kevin Goetz is a music teacher by trade, with a focus on empowering students with the skills and knowledge needed to make a living as a musician. This includes everything from technique, to songwriting, to marketing, to audio engineering, to even the mentalities necessary for success.

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    ppiluk don't have a dresser drawer dedicated to Doritos? What the hell is wrong with you!
    That particular drawer is entirely filled with snacks. Don't bash until you've tried it - when you work from home, sometimes the last thing you want to do is interrupt what you're doing to go to the kitchen.
    Well, you do make a lot of credible points in this video, and I'm not someone to knock something before I try it...Maybe I have to give this whole doritos drawer a shot after all?
    I should do a lesson all about how filling your dresser drawer with snacks triples your motivation!
    "Doritos are very delicious. I myself prefer the nacho cheese flavored ones." - Baby Joel
    Honestly I stopped listening after a minute when he started double backing on weather or not the person was his friend and just blabbing about a friend of a fried of a french fried who gives a damn.
    Hallo ! Ist 60 Jahre zu alt um Gitarre zu lernen?Ich denke für den Hausgebrauch müsste es doch noch zu lernen sein?