Milestone 1 for Rock Prodigy Students

author: rockprodigy date: 03/25/2013 category: practice tips

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Milestone 1 for Rock Prodigy Students
This blog is for beginner Rock Prodigy students. The Milestones are all about playing music with what you've learned so far. They focus on the application of everything covered in the Rock Prodigy beginner path. We created musical examples that fit your level and develop your musicianship. We chose key moments where new musical ideas can be explored and show you how to expand on what you've learned.


Good job on making it through lessons 1 to 6 and to the Milestone 1 song - "Sparrow Hill". The first six lessons in the path are intended to develop a familiarity with using all of your fretting fingers on all the strings of the guitar. They also lay down the basis for a strong rhythmic foundation. These are the roots from which all of your guitar playing skills will grow. Here is a video with some useful insights on the song.

Things To Know

This is a good time to introduce the three Components of Guitar Technique: Position, Amount of Pressure
and Direction

1. Position

Try to stay in the same position most of the time, and reach the notes with different fingers rather than sliding up and down the neck. Anchor your thumb in the same place generally behind your middle finger, and give each of your fingers its own fret. Eventually all four fingers should float just above the string when you aren't using them. Keep this hand posture when moving to different positions of the neck. We will name the positions by the fret where your index is located. For example, if your index is on the sixth fret, you are in the sixth position, which allows you to reach comfortably from the sixth to the ninth fret.

2. Amount Of Pressure

Have you thought of what is the least amount of pressure that you need to play a fretted note? Try it! Play a fretted note and release the pressure gradually until the note sounds muted. Then add a little more to just bring out the note. That's the sweet spot! You probably will notice that it doesn't take a huge effort to get a clean sound after doing this exercise. Exerting too much pressure on a string will slow your playing and can make you out of tune - Rock Prodigy will not recognize a bad intonation even if you are pressing the correct fret.

3. Direction

Be consistent with your hand and finger motions. Being able to play fast and with ease is based on refining your technique, and we do this by repeating the correct motion until it is second nature to you. It's not only about the amount of hours you put into it, but also about practicing smart - starting very slowly but perfectly, maintaining the same finger direction and hand motions, then gradually increasing the tempo is the fastest and best way to be able to play well. Keep these three concepts in mind as you go through the lessons and exercises. Position, pressure and direction will always apply to what you're doing.

Milestone 1 - "Sparrow Hill" in Rock Prodigy

This song reviews everything you have practiced so far. You will use your new skills to make real music in this Milestone. Check it out! Go to Rock Prodigy and search for Milestone 1 or Sparrow Hill. After you play "Sparrow Hill" through one time do it again - but make a video of yourself playing so you can not only enjoy listening but also see how you look as you play. Are your arms relaxed? Are your shoulders relaxed? Is your face relaxed? Bonus: If you want to push it a little more count out the rhythms while you are playing and identify the whole, half, quarter and eighth notes.


Feel free to experiment with notes, rhythms and fingerings on your own... And stay in tune. To read more Rock Prodigy lessons and blogs check out this link. Have fun!
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