Self-Esteem Lifehack - With Kevin Goetz

Motivation issues? Writer's block? Here's your cure.

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Hey, guys! Kevin Goetz here again.

Today's lesson is another installment of my Musician Psychology series. We've talked about self-esteem issues before, but whether you haven't seen those previous installments, or are still struggling even after them, this will help immensely.

But why should you care? Do you have issues with writer's block? Maybe your motivation is shoddy or entirely piss-poor? You'd be amazed how much of these common issues we creative types struggle with come back to weak self-esteem. So, without further delay, check out the following video:

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About the Author:
Kevin Goetz is a music teacher by trade, with a focus on empowering students with the skills and knowledge needed to make a living as a musician. This includes everything from technique, to songwriting, to marketing, to audio engineering, to even the mentalities necessary for success.

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    Very well said! Everybody's got their personal hero, but identity is important.
    Comparing yourself to others is spot on. I still do it but less so after having met my hero (Ryan Martinie). When I told him that he was my hero he looked right back at me and said "Be your own hero". Probably biggest moment of growth I've had.
    What is your stance on doing sum lines before and between playing? Good? Bad?
    Like coke?
    Great for speed metal. Horrible for blues or jazz fusion where you gotta "feel" everbody knows coke gotz the numbies.
    Are you kidding? All the great jazz musicians used to get fucked up on everything like nobody's business. Like do you have any idea how much Miles Davis spent on coke?
    Either you've never done coke so you missed the joke or you've done so much coke that you're too paranoid to realize that I was being humorous... Musical "feel" coke "numbies"... Coke makes your sinus / mouth / throat whatever numb as it's a 'caine like benzocaine (what they put in sunburn spray and toothache medicine or the more potent novicaine which they use to numb a persons entire face.. FFS IT'S A JOKE!
    He talks about his prowess and experience with engineering audio/recording... his music doesn't sound that good from a production perspective, (musically they are good, which is more important, but still) and they aren't available hardly anywhere that i can find, only clips in videos. I appreciate the advice here, but its harder to take it and accept that it works when he hasn't exactly proven it himself.
    That's a fair complaint, considering I don't have any current recordings available. That being said though, it doesn't take much effort to test out the recommendations I've made in my audio engineering lessons. The results speak for themselves - if they work for you, great. If not, you probably prefer a different style of production, and that's fine. Andy Sneap and CLA couldn't be further from each other as engineers, but both are incredibly skilled. Subjectivity is important in this field.
    Yeah, and I'll be honest... a guy that claims to be able to teach students how to succeed in making a living as a musician doesn't seem so credible when he looks to be in his early 20s and his bedroom looks like it is probably in his parents' house.
    I'm 23, and I moved out of my parents' house when I was 21. I've been monetizing music in one way or another since I was 17, having started playing when I was 14. So despite my age, I'm actually quite credible.
    There is a difference between "monetizing music" and actually making a living. Are you actually making a living with music? I mean, if your friend gives you a dollar or two to stop playing your guitar for an hour so he can study for a test, aren't you "monetizing music" though?
    At this point, man, you're trying a little too hard to play the voice of doubt. I wouldn't say I make a living from this if I wasn't actually making a living from this. What possible reason would I have to lie to someone I've never met, nor will ever meet, whose opinion of me I have absolutely zero interest in? I'll grant you this much - if you're only looking at my subscriber count and calculating (correctly) that I can't possibly be getting enough from ads to live off of, you'd be right. But the bulk of my income stems from teaching over Skype, and recording/mixing amateur bands. From that, yes, I make quite a comfortable living. But hey, you don't know me, I don't know you, feel free to make all the assumptions you want.
    I gatta ask, is the hat a gimmick or are you really passionate about Pokemon?
    Judging by the Pokemon poster behind him, I'm guessing he is. And he may be a fan of Kingdom Hearts as well.
    DonnaEEzell · Nov 26, 2015 10:31 AM
    Nothing kills my self esteem more than watching an 8 year old play guitar better than me.
    I love this. You don't see many videos that help us (musicians) with what goes on in our heads. Niice!