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Take a look at this practise schedule if you want speed.

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Hey zerogarrett18 here with another lesson on how to build your speed up. Well my last lesson was based around using legato to your advantage to create a solid and fluid speed. In this lesson however I will provise you with the practise schedule which I have been following for about 3 months. I guarantee it will increase your speed! Remember to practise to a metronome if possible! Okay, we need to warm up by massaging your shoulders, forearms and fingers. This will increase the blood flow into these areas which inturn will stop cramping. Go ahead do this for about 5 minutes, I can wait. Your done..good, now we can get on with our first piece of tablature. There are many names for this stretching exercise but I personally prefer... The Torture Rack Do this exercise 2 times over! play it with alternate picking -Not like sweep picking and start slowly
repeat this decending process all the way to the end of the fret board. This exercise is also great for developing your finger strength and independance which will become very useful later. Okay now you have got your blood flowing and your muscles are stretched. We can now carry on to the next part of your schedule. Fretting Combinations To further help your finger independance we will now be practising your fretting combinations. This exercise can be tedious but trust me it is one of the most beneficial exercises in a guitarists arsenal. Here are the combinations.
1-2-3-4  2-1-3-4  3-1-2-4  4-1-2-3
1-2-4-3  2-1-4-3  3-1-4-2  4-1-3-2
1-3-2-4  2-3-1-4  3-2-1-4  4-2-1-3
1-3-4-2  2-3-4-1  3-2-4-1  4-2-3-1
1-4-2-3  2-4-1-3  3-4-1-2  4-3-1-2
1-4-3-2  2-4-3-1  3-4-2-1  4-3-2-1
Okay now that you have all the possible fretting combinations you need to apply them to your fretboard. For example..
Playeach of the combinations like this repeatedly for 1 minute. Right now your fingers will be working overtime so take a little break. Finished your break....okay lets get cracking...next we will be working your scales. Okay this one will differ from day to day. Everyday you should practise a different scale. i personally recommend that you start with practising your major scales as it will help you with other music theory. To help you with this i have created a tab which contains all of the major scales. search major scales and go to version 4. practise the major scale in your chosen key for 30 minutes. Okay now for another key element into helping you with your speed... Legato This exercise is one of many for increasing your legato finger independance. If you would like further legato exercises check out my other lesson on legato.
Okay now to end the schedule you should repeat the stretching exercises again 2 times over. Thank you for reading the lesson....please follow this schedule for about 6 months and I promise you a higher level of progress. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. I Will add another schedule for those guitarist trying to progress more advanced techniques such as tremelo picking and how to infuse your bending and vibrato. Cheers.

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    This is one of the most useful speed exercises Iv'e seen around. Thanks a lot!