Take Control of Inspiration and Increase Creativity

These are some proven principles that will enable you to take control of creative processes we normally believe are beyond our ability to influence.

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Do you feel like you don't make enough progress as a musician? Maybe you think you lack motivation, or maybe you believe so-called "inspiration" to be something outside your control that dictates how much you can accomplish. Maybe you're just plain burnt out on music. In any of these cases, the following advice will be invaluable.

The first place we need to look when we feel a lack of motivation, is our thought process. If we have conscious reasons impeding our progress, those must be dealt with first. This includes, in perhaps the most interesting example I've experienced, an association between recording and stress. It used to be that whenever I set up my recording interface, my palms would automatically begin to sweat, because I hadn't yet learned how to lighten up the perfectionism of the recording process.

If we can't find any conscious reasons obstructing our progress, this is where we need to look a little deeper. The reasons could be subconscious, resulting from pressure generated by others, or by our own feelings of inadequacy. More often than that, however, the reasons are physiological.

It is not at all difficult to break down the "inspiration" experience into a potent cocktail of neurotransmitters, with dopamine being perhaps the chief among them. In order to take command of the motivation process, we have to look at lifestyle changes we can make in order to encourage the production of those neurotransmitters. This includes everything from WHAT we practice, HOW we practice it, WHEN we practice, all the way to dietary habits and how much sleep you get.

For a detailed list of examples, take a look at the following video I put together. If you follow all the habits listed here, you'll see a marked increase in motivation. Guaranteed.

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    Agree Kevin. Regarding the burnt out on music it's sometimes good to take a break and refresh a bit. Also Inspiration doesn't have to be in the form of music, I have been inspired by watching films, tramping through mountain areas, reading etc.
    Dude, you are awesome. I really dig your overall presentation, the way you convey your character, the insightful information, and the topics I've checked out thus far. You know what you are doing, and its cool to see. Keep posting please!
    exponentially more useful of a lesson than I had originally thought. its nice to have someone lighten the tediousness of a serious players schedule. thanks kevin!