Warm Ups

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Ok, so you're brilliant at guitar and you're wondering "what warm ups should I be doing to help me get even better (if thats possible)" Well, that's what I'm going to try to help you with. Below I've made up a list of warm ups. Pick a few of them and practise them to death. They'll strengthern your fingers and make you a better guitarist. Please note that you can use any tuning for these warm ups, because the sound doesn't matter.
Warm Up 1 - This is actually a riff from "Master Of Puppets" by Metallica:
Just repeat this over and over again until you can play it really well. This isn't the whole riff, and if you want the whole riff, get the tab for the song.
Warm Up 2
I use this one a lot to warm up, and found it really useful at first, when I had just started.
Warm Up 3
Ok, so this is pretty much the same as warm up 2, but doing this is harder on the lower strings at higher frets! You can do this on strings 1 and 2 as well if you want, but I don't because it's too easy on these strings.
Warm Up 4
This may look hard to start with, but it will help you greatly with hammer ons and pull offs and fourth note powerchords. Use your 1st finger for the 1s and your 2nd for the 3s, and finally your pinky finger for the 5s. Remember: don't cheat and use different fingers, or you'll never get anywhere!
Warm Up 5
Here you can practise some slides and powerchords at the end. Feel free to change any notes at the start or ends of the slides, or use different powerchords. It's actually better if you try out different things. Not only does this encourange improvisation, but will be more beneficial to you. There you go, 5 useful warm ups. I hope to post another article soon with more. I hope you find these useful. -George Frost for Ultimate Guitar (george@ezaypage.fslife.co.uk)
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