A Good Start For Beginners

author: pHiLLa date: 03/09/2011 category: for beginners

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Hey boys and girls! So this is my very first lesson... Ever... First and foremost this lesson is only for people like me, who consist of NO guitar/music knowledge what so ever... So all you good and awesome players... Be nice... In this lesson I will try to cover the real "basics" of guitar and getting started.. So you got your guitar and already your picturing yourself on the stage infront of of millions and millions of people... Who doesnt't? But first you have to tune your guitar!!! many people can tune by ear but don't stress thanks to the nice people at the music store we get electronic tuners =) Standard Tuning is as follow . E A D G B E ( yes I know this isnt the only tuning but we're beginners ) "Note" when holding your guitar the thick string (closest to your chin) is called your "low E" and the bottom thinnest string (closest to your knee) is called your "high E" Now this doesn;t make alot of sense but its just the way it is and a good way to remember it is by this rhyme I learned from a friend Eddy Ate Dynamite Good Bye Eddy Okay so we're not really awesome yet but one step at a time... The next thing you might have heard of are " Tabs " and I'm just going to also just give you the basic idea . . "Tabs"
Okay thats a tab..COOL what does it mean?? What you do is, put a finger lets start with Index on the first fret(those spaces on your guitar neck) on the top/thickest string. Then you pick the string. Next, you put your next finger, middle finger onto the second fret on the top string.(so you would have moved 1 place to the right on your guitar neck) Now pick the string. Then you put your ring finger onto the third fret, and pick the string Then you put your pinky hard on fourth fret on the top string you can pick that one as well Sometime you wil come across an "0" ...hmmm... Don't worry that only means that you DO NOT place any finger in any fret you just play the string as it is remember "0" is for "Open" This example is just to get your finger(s) moving across the fretboard(neck of your guitar) So before we get to being awesome we need to get those fingers warm! there is loads of great warm up exercises but I like to kiss (keep it simple skippy!)
For this exercise use all your fingers each on an individual fret, just make sure you press down hard enough on each string to get a clear sound, do this exercise at a tempo you feel comfortable with. Now that we're warmed up here are some basic tabs to get you in the feel of moving your fingers across your guitar's neck Smoke on the Water by Deep Purple:
See the "0" ? Oky we've been focusing on only 1 string for now so lets try something a little more difficult Come As You Are by Nirvana:
Thats a little more finger movement but hey step by step... Well thats it for now, I hope that it helps my fellow beginners out there, if all goes well my next lesson will cover the basics of "chords" but for now keep on rockin a great guitarist once told me "today you're better than you were yesterday" and its a fact! peace love empathy
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