Beginner Lesson on String Bending

author: gijsheijnen84 date: 04/22/2013 category: for beginners

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Beginner Lesson on String Bending
So in this guitar lesson you are gonna learn the basics of the technique: 1. How to bend in pitch; 2. How to use your fretting hand/arm to make a bend with the least amount of effort. At the end of the lesson I'll teach you 3 cool licks to practice and use in your playing. If you liked this lesson, please subscribe to my channel GuitarGuyGijs and get instant updates whenever I post a new lesson or video. Also, if you have any questions please post a comment or leave a message and I will get back at you soon.
Here is a list of songs with cool bending riffs and licks: 1. AC/DC - "Highway To Hell" 2. Eagles - "Hotel California" 3. Pearl Jam - "Alive" 4. Led Zeppelin - "Stairway To Heaven" 5. Metallica - "The Unforgiven 6. Guns N' Roses - "Knockin' On Heaven's Door" 7. Eric Clapton - "Wonderful Tonight" 8. Lenny Kravitz - "Are You Gonna Go My Way" 9. John Mayer - "Gravity" 10. AC/DC - "Back In Black" Thanks for watching this lesson, and keep on rocking.
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