Beginners Guide To Alternate Picking

This is just a easy guide to alternate picking for beginners. This is a skill that requires practice but pays of in the end! If you want to play fast or amazing lightning speed solos then this is for you!

Ultimate Guitar
Alternate picking is a form of picking used by many different types of music genres. It is what helps you play more notes with less use of your hand therefore sparing it of a lot of pain once you get this down! To start off To alternate pick choose a string. I suggest the E or the High E string for starters. You want to start with your traditional down stroke and then move back up on the same string so it's basically a down and up movement on a chosen string. Use this for a easy practice:
This is a beginner intro to alternate picking so that was very basic! Use it to make your own melodies and practices! Oh yeah try using a metronome to help you build up speed! Try starting at something slow like 50 bpm for starters! I hope I helped those of you who are just starting to alternate pick!

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    well John, this is a lesson, but a lesson made in like 10 minutes. To bad this only has 1 example, and even that one is for economic picking.
    John Cummings wrote: was that a lesson?
    Yeah sorry I just posted one example and this is the typical lesson on Ultimate Guitar. Sorry if I disappointed you. This was my first lesson I'll learn from it!