Beginners Guide To Alternate Picking

author: CasterOfStars date: 09/12/2011 category: for beginners

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Alternate picking is a form of picking used by many different types of music genres. It is what helps you play more notes with less use of your hand therefore sparing it of a lot of pain once you get this down! To start off To alternate pick choose a string. I suggest the E or the High E string for starters. You want to start with your traditional down stroke and then move back up on the same string so it's basically a down and up movement on a chosen string. Use this for a easy practice:
This is a beginner intro to alternate picking so that was very basic! Use it to make your own melodies and practices! Oh yeah try using a metronome to help you build up speed! Try starting at something slow like 50 bpm for starters! I hope I helped those of you who are just starting to alternate pick!
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