Chord Changes For Beginner: Intermediates

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Chord Changes For Beginner: Intermediates
Most newbies have had trouble with this: They are trying out a new song but they don't understand half of the chords. The answer is simple although most newbies won't pick up on it. Let's use a chord that most newbies won't understand: C#7. Most newbies won't know that it is x46464. But some of the more intermediate newbies know that B7 is x24242 but they don't realise that in order to get to C#7 they need to just slide their hand up along the neck. (I myself only realised this the week before I posted this!) The cool thing is that this also works for all other chords. For example: Eb is a half-step higher than D, so move D a fret up to make it Eb (xx0232 becomes xx5343) OR Abm7 is a step lower than Bbm, so move Bbm7 down 2 frets to fix it. HOPE THIS HELPS!
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