Chord Transition

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This lesson is for beginners that want some suggestions in chord knowledge and how to slide from one chord to another smoothly. In this lesson I will be teaching you how to play the G chord, C chord, D chord, Em7 chord all with two fingers. My friend Rollie, once said your skill level really comes down to the basics. If you really know your root chords and how to strum. I will also give an overview on adding the Sus4 and Sus2 elements to your playing repertoire. Remember to practice hard, you have to love what your playing. About Two Fingers? Yes, all you will need it two fingers to hold the bottom strings and just shift you other two. On normal finger positions you play the following chords like this:
G: 320003
  C: X30210
  D: XX0232
Em7: 022030
Many of us have absolutely no problem to play these. However, playing these chords isn't the problem. The real challenge for beginners is to transition them. We usually take quite a while to slide these roots. Thanks to my friend Gabe, I've come with an awesome solution. Take a look at these new chords:
D: XX0323
All you need to do is to take your ring and pinky fingers and hold both of them on the 3 fret of the 2nd and 1st string. The remaining two fingers can now hold the other fret positions. I believe this will make a big difference in your playing because a lot of the songs are use these basic chords. The chords might sound different but, it won't really change the sound. Try them on out this song called Lord Reign In Me:
G         D        C             D           G
Lord reign in me, reign in your pow'r.
          D        C                    D         Em
Over all my dreams in my darkest hour
         D         C         D     Am.
You are the Lord of all I am.
                      C           D    G
So won't you reign in me again.
*Note that all the chords remain the same way I put them even though I changed the name. Now the next part of this lesson is the Sus4 and Sus2 additions to the D chord and A chord. Please note Bryan Adam's Summer of 69 acoustic:
   Dsus  D    Dsus4 D        Dsus  D    

   Asus  A    Asus4 A        Asus  A    
Tabbed by: spoons42 Thank you Spoons for this tab. I think you'll get the better feeling in you heard the song. However, adding the Sus's and Sus4s are all part of your feeling. Whenever you play the D or A chord during a chorus, or any part of the song that you could spice up a little. Something that you could work on once you get the hand of the Sus's is hammering the Sus's. If you do this effectively, I assure you the sound will resonate beautifully. To summarize this lesson, I hope you all will practice hard in hope of being a better guitar player. Remember its really down to the basics. Thanks for your time. Walden
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